Bubbles of Fun

Are you fascinated with bubbles?  Are you running low on stationary?  Are you looking for something fun and educational to do after school?  Do you enjoy combining art and science?    Do you need to sharpen your observational skills?  Do you have a bowl, water, dish soap, straws, tempera paint, and card-stock?

Then why not try this fun craft…


“Thought Bubble” Note Cards


Here’s how…

Add about 2 cups of water to a large bowl and a few drops of dish soap.  Grab enough straws for all participants and start making bubbles.  Take an occasional break to catch your breath so you don’t pass out and really look at the bubbles.

What do you see?  Use a magnifying glass if you have one to get a closer look.  You should be able to come up with 10 to 20 interesting observations.  Record with pencil and paper and set aside.


After you are finished with your observations, add a couple table-spoons of tempera paint to the bubble solution and mix thoroughly.  The solution should have the consistency of cream.  With a ruler edge, rip each sheet of card-stock in half 2 times.  This will give you 4 cards per sheet.  Now for the REALLY fun part…  Load up the bowl with bubbles and place a card on the bubbles to transfer onto the card.  Repeat for your remaining cards and let dry.

Last and final step…  

Add one observational thought with pencil along the bottom of each card.  And you’re done!  Now whenever you need to send a note, you can send it on a “Thought Bubble” note card!

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