Budding Polar Bear members.

What would any homeschooler do if you lived by the beach,  it has been 50 degrees and all of sudden it was 80degress for the day? The beach of course! Well, I got to admit, we were the only ones out there besides a couple of men fishing. It was pretty pleasant. The boys swimming and chasing Winston.

Ok, about that swimming. I told them it was way too cold for it. They of course got ahead of me while I was walking the dog. Before I could yell don'tgointothatwater!! They had stripped themselves down and jumped in. I think I have budding polar bear members, wouldn't you agree. Lucky enough we did have towels on us.

Believe it or not, we were there for two hours before they were ready to go. Honestly, I am glad we went, I think that was the last hoorrah before winter really sets in.

It is so nice to have freedom with my kids. To hell with it all.. you should be running your life, not your life running you. In this case running from a dog,in your undies, in the middle of November.


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Zoia Nusbaum





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