Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?

"How can you handle work on a day like today?" Sound familiar? Matthew Broderick plays himself with a nostalgic nod to his movie character Ferris Bueller in a new Super Bowl ad that has gone viral on YouTube.

Ferris Bueller

 Honda CR-V super bowl ad

I love the classic movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  Even 26 years after the movie was made I still see a bit of Bueller in Broderick. So why is Broderick in the Honda ad? And how can Bueller's wild day in the borrowed 1961 Ferrari 250GT California ("less than a hundred were made") ever begin to compare with the mass-produced Honda CR-V?

Good question. You can read more about what the folks at Adweek think here. A quick view of the Honda Super Bowl ad might lead you to believe it doesn't even begin to  compare to the movie. But wait--CBS has started a list of similarities including:

• Matthew Broderick calls his agent and fakes being sick. (Ferris skips school)

• Broderick's hotel valet attendant calls out in that distinctive monotone "Broderick...Broderick" (Ferris's economics teacher calls out "Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?")

• Broderick drives around Los Angeles in his CR-V. (Ferris does the same, except in a Ferrari)

• The CR-V vanity plates read "SOCHOIC." (the Ferrari plates say "NRVOUS)

• He visits the National History Museum of L.A. (Ferris goes to Art institute of Chicago Art)

• Broderick joins a parade and sings a song. (Ferris also sings in a parade, but his Twist and Shout is more memorable)

• Other less obvious movie tie-ins seen in the background of the ad include the Detroit Red Wings jersey and Bueller's leopard print vest.

According to the experts, you can find dozens of references to the movie in the ad. How many can you see?

You can watch the Honda ad here. Follow the Honda CR-V campaign on Facebook

I know this ad campaign has its critics. Would Ferris approve of this ad? I think so. But the truth is Ferris really didn't worry about much... However he did like to take risks. In the advertising biz it will always be a big risk to make a comparison to a classic movie.  It's obvious a Honda CR-V is not a Ferrari, but you can still have a great time in a Honda. And just like Matthew says "life is packed with things you have to do, but sometimes you gotta live a little..."

Photos: Screenshot comparison from Ferris Bueller's Day Off movie and the new Honda CR-V ad. 

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