Bugs and Bok Choy (Not Together, Obvs)

I'll start with the bugs.  First bug: some sort of mysterious stomach bug that showed up at daycare.  I was exposed, and contrary to all my continuous hand washing, I caught it.  I literally cannot remember the last time I had tummy troubles, but this was horrible, and it was from a one-year old!  I survived the bug, and spent the weekend bumming around as much as I could (hello New Super Mario Bros. Wii).

The rest of the bugs were roly-polys.  Pill bugs, if you will.  Usually around once a year in a seasonal/moist weather change, they multiply and appear in every little nook and cranny in the house.  So gross!  Our house rule is that bugs are fine in their homes (don't kill them outside) and don't belong in ours (kill them ALL inside).  And we have a lazy cat, who might pounce on a spider here and there, but for the most part is un-enthused unless it's got wings.  The bug guy was called upon, and he actually uses odor-free, color-free, pet-safe bug killers.  I had to shop around with a few emails and calls, but essentially after a 30 min. window of being sprayed, it's pet-safe, and doesn't leave that pesticide headache-inducing smell.

This might be all TMI for you, but since I wasn't myself I had to bring it back to normal.

Now that you've got your fill of our weekend bugs, on to bok choy. :)

Baby bok choy that is, which I can only usually find in our local Korean market.  I've found it a few times at our local Schnucks, but either they run out, or it's not in stock that often.  I do find regular bok choy in some other stores, but I don't find the leaves as buttery.  I grabbed 3 baby bok choys for about id="mce_marker".45 last week.  I pulled the leaves off and scrubbed them under running water (with a handy dandy veggie brush).  Then, I sliced them into about 1 in. pieces, covered them with water, added a pinch of sea salt, and set the pot to boil for about 8 or 9 minutes.

Ooh, look at all that green!  They actually turn a brighter green color as they absorb the water.  I do a quick stir about every two minutes, and make sure the leaves are soft and kind of limp.  Then drain the water, and add a teaspoon of roasted sesame seeds, and a tablespoon of sesame oil. Stir.

A perfect green side to a bed of rice and/or your meat choice.  This green is super soothing to upset stomachs, too. :)  Since this is a simple prep/cook, I serve this warm normally.  Then the leftovers are served cold (no need to reheat, and it may make the bok choy mush) on a hot bed of rice again. It's so good!  I tend to see bok choy added to stir fries a lot, but not many people eat them softened (unless it's in aged kimchi).  This is one of Sillyboy's favorite sides- I believe it's because he prefers simple seasonings.  Bambina also had some small tidbits of this cooked bok choy with some cooled rice, and she ate every single piece.

Do you ever add bok choy to recipes?  What's your favorite way to cook it? or eat it?


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