Build Buzz for Your Business: Leverage the November Election.


Tonight is the vice-presidential debate between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.  Entrepreneurial students are using the event to “cash-in” on the debate and promote their school.  To accomplish that, they are selling pink elephant and blue donkey cookies to measure the support for each candidate.  Not only are they making money, but they are generating national press coverage.   Baskin-Robins ice cream is also churning a political promotion.  It’s asking consumers to vote for their favorite Presidential candidates by selecting between two flavors dedicated to Republican Senator John McCain and his Democratic rival, Senator Barack Obama.  The ice cream representing McCain is called “Straight Talk Crunch” which is a white chocolate ice cream, caramel ribbon with chocolate pieces, crunchy mixed nuts and candy red states mixed in!  The ice-cream chosen to represent Obama is “Whirl of Change” a flavor of peanut-nougat ice cream swirled with hunks of chocolate-covered peanut brittle and complimented by a caramel ribbon.  Is there a way your business can build a promotion about the upcoming November elections?  Perhaps, you could run a special promotion on your web site with two options relating to each candidate.  Don’t forget your home-town candidates too.  If there is a hot race is your community, you might generate interest by focusing on it. Be creative.  It’s a great way to build buzz.  This election has everyone talking.  Why not make sure they’re talking about your business too. 


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