Build Your Child's Vocabulary

If you want to get your child reading more books and enjoying it a good way to get them started is by building their vocabulary. One way you can do this is to play rhyming games. Kids learn how to rhyme because you have already introduced them to lots of stories that rhyme. Get them creating their own rhyming word list and incorporate that into stories.

Create a list of rhyming words either on your own or from their school spelling list. Keep it simple. Start with 3 letter words like ran, tan, fan and can. Let them think of them on their own. Have them write the words and start their list.

With the word list you’ve created think of a way to incorporate them into a fun story. Have them create character names and settings. For example: The tan dog ran and kicked the can and tripped over the fan. It’s silly but they will have fun creating their own story.

Finally, if you let them draw the picture of the story they created they will remember the words. They will know how to use them in a sentence and how to spell them. It’s an easy way to build on their vocabulary. As they learn and grow so will the words they know and use.

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