Building Blocks of Recovery.....and my discovery!

Sandra Kozlowski has been a curvy yoga teacher since 2003 and a chemical dependency counselor ( T) since 2013, with over 40 years of experience in recovery.  Sandy is a single mom of 6 kids and grandmother of 3.

I have long understood that there are certain things that can get in the way of my dreams.  Like no money, no food and no place to live.  In my life I have experienced all of these things and have during those times, continued to fail at every attempt to make any advances in my life.

During the times of plenty, it seemed like everything fell into place so very easily.  People invited me to coffee to hear my wisdom, relaxation was easy to come by, and meditation was just a brief zen like moment away.

What was the difference? And why so many highs and lows?

A guy named Maslow came into my life and shared his Hierachy of needs.  Each step reminded me to take things slowly and pay attention to each step of my path.  Did I eat? How about water intake?  How could I move forward if I was starving and dehydrated all the time?

Enter Chakras.  Each Chakra dependent on the movement of the one below.  Working as a foundation to build a life upon.   If one level was stuck, there was no real forward movement.

Then the day I was cleaning out my bookcase.  No seriously.  After all the classes and self study, it boiled down to one moment, one stunning life changing moment. 

Wait for it.

Personality development- one level built on another or the life can go along somewhat misaligned.

Three theories of study, on the floor in front of me in different sort piles, all telling me to stop chasing the answer.......the answer is always there from every angle all the time.

When I work mindfully, walking the path to self actualization thoughtfully and with intent, my life "falls" into place.

Building Blocks of matter what the matter the life.  As simple as walking up the stairs...

I am so excited that I had to write it down.  First in an excel sheet just to make sure that I wasn't just dizzy from the dust.  Then a course to share with you.  By you , I mean people like me.  People who want a different life and realize that somehow I am the only one that can make a difference in my life, yet not being willing to trust me and still buying that the answer comes outside of me.

I look forward to sharing more with you.  Showing you more of you, and how wonderful you really are.  This information is not mine to hoard, but to share with those who are always swimming upstream and don't know why. 

So until the next blog and if you are ready , begin thinking of what you want out of this thing called life.  And wait for the miracle.....

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