Building a Culture that Empowers

A business’ culture is what makes it unique. Just look at Apple and Microsoft. They both provide similar goods and services, but their cultures allow consumers to differentiate the two mega computer companies. Your culture is your competitive advantage, so be sure to create a remarkable one.

Your culture should be a reflection of your combined personal and business brands. To start building your culture, envision your workplace.

What spells success for your company? Is it an open floor plan or cubicles? What colors are the walls? How is the space lit? What are the attitudes of your employees as they walk in the door on Monday morning?

Also, consider the following questions:.
How do you define culture? Words, symbols, images? Get specific.
What’s your dress code?
Will you offer
flexible hours?
Are employees free to work from home or the local coffee shop?
Will you call your office a campus and allow employees to ride scooters?
Are desks covered with inspirational toys, or clean and minimalist?

These are just a few questions to get you thinking. Remember, you are a unique individual with specialized talents. Be sure your culture truly represents you and your business.