Building your Audience Doesn't Have to Be Hard - 5 simple steps to success!!!

How do you grow a readership that keeps coming back for more? How do you cultivate an atmosphere of "hominess" so that visitors will want to return? How do you go about building an audience who wants to hear? I believe that this takes several things working together. Neither will guarantee success but may get you further in your blogging reach.

building an audience

1. Post frequently.

Content is huge! In order to have visitors come back for more, you'll have to have more! You'll have to have something new they can read! Your actual posting frequency is up to you though. Time may limit how many posts you are able to write during the week. I've found that in my own life right now I'm just too busy to post every day. I strive for 3 new posts a week. Now if I was able to write every day, I may get more traffic. But I'm not about to stress myself out for the sake of more visitors. You'll have to decide what works for your community and for you.

2. Share with communities.

Writing is half the battle. Post promotion is the other half! Wherever you promote your posts, that's where your readers will generate from. Sharing with communities can be a more personal way to connect with others.  (read more here)


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