Bullies and First Kisses

Issues I dealt with yesterday:  Bullies at the bus stop and first kisses


My son is being bullied at the bus stop. It happens, we’re dealing with it.  Last night, my son wandered into our room and wanted to sleep with us. What used to be a nightly occurrence is now a rarity. We settled him in and all sawed some wood.

As I was making my bed this morning, I discovered a little gift under my pillow,

Boy Snot

yes that’s my sons dried up snot. Yes it’s disgusting and it’s the price I’m willing to pay to comfort him.


My oldest daughter has her first beau and yesterday had her first kiss. Thankfully she can’t lie to me, so when I asked her if they kissed, while they did their homework together, she stamped her foot and said, MOM! I won’t tell you anything more than, yes.

But I have a million questions, I thought. You’ve shared most of your experiences with me and this is such a big one.  I won’t impede her growing independence. I’ll just pray that the self-worth and values we have spent the last 15 ½ years trying to instill in her, guides her decisions.


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