Bunk Bed Benches

So I saw somewhere on someones blog, (I will find out who so I can give them credit here...check out "My Re-Purposed Life" and "4 The Love Of Wood") a way to re-create, re-use and re-furbish old bed frames into new exciting uses. One of which is the Bunk Bed Bench. So named because you use the bunk bed head or foot board to make the back of the bench.

At first, I couldn't get too much excitement from my husband to help me. Sometimes he just doesn't see the things hiding in plain sight like I can. But he is sooo helpful to me! He's such an incredible carpenter. I drew him a picture of an arbor on sicky-note paper and he built it for me. I drew him a picture of the deck I wanted on our house, complete with 6 foot wide steps and drop down decks, and with only my pictures to go by, he built it for me! So I thought this little bench would be no problem at all. :)

So we started with the vintage bunk bed frames. I picked them up at our local Salvation Army. They were in bad bad shape and had certainly seen better days. They were coming apart at the seems, a little rough from wear and in bad need of a new paint job.

We glued, sanded and painted the headboards a beautiful light blue (Annie Slone Chalk Paint Louis Blue) and used heart accents to cover the old holes. The hearts were painted in pink, ASCP Henrietta.  

Then we purchased some legs from our local Home Depot that would match nicely (though not exactly) to the turned posts on the bed frame. After my husband constructed a "box" for the seat of the bench, we attached the legs and found we had to cut 2 1/2 inches off the legs of the bench so everything would be level. We were able to use the 2 1/2 inch castoffs for caps on the tops of the bedframes and they looked more like "bedknobs". Really cute!

After the bench was completed structually, we painted the whole thing with matching colors and then hand waxed and buffed it to a beautiful satin sheen.

Next came the seat. I found some egg crate foam with a plastic 1/4 inch piece of water resistant foam attached and thought this would be ideal for the seat of the bench (you know, just in case there are ever any accidents of spilled liquids) and attached this to the bench seat with my staple gun.

I then covered the foam with some vintage fabric I had found (again at our local Salvation Army or Goodwill) in a light blue background with pink and blue florals, and used decorative, antiqued brass upholstery tacks to accent the sides of the upholstery, and to cover the staples and to help hold down the fabric. 

This little bench turned out so cute we made another one with the footboard. Although we did paint this one ASCP Henrietta (pink) and used the heart accents again but painted them a lovely teal green (ASCP Florence) and the fabric is a light buttery yellow background with vining flowers of pinks, blues and leaves of teal.

On this one we placed a finishing strip at the back of the bench, between the upholstery and the bench back, painted to match the bench in pink.

These are just so darn cute! They are kid tested (my grandsons just love them) and strong enough for an adult (all of us have tested them with a sit down) and they are really comfortable. They are incredibly sturdy, but light weight enough for a child to push them and an adult to carry them. These would be perfect for an entry way, a child's room, or as an accent in any decor.

As soon as I can figure out how, I will get you some pictures.





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