"Bunnicula: The Musical?" Yes, Please!

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I somehow completely missed the memo that Bunnicula: The Musical even exists. I love the Bunnicula books. Bunnicula was my favourite vampire -- he just happened to be a bunny. Like Emlyn Chand, I think the books helped make me smarter. I likely won't get to see Bunnicula: The Musical but luckily for me, Elizabeth Willse, another self-professed Bunnicula fan, went to see it.

"I think I liked the show as much as I wanted to, which was a relief, because it meant that books I loved as a kid were adapted well. I could giggle and accept what I saw at face value, with lines like “I was in Centreville in salad drag” or the delightfully campy-ominous tones of the “Bunnicula!” introduction song. And I could also see the ways the musical was written perfectly for its intended six-year-old-ish audience, with a little bit of slapstick, some broadly drawn and emphasized musical humor, funny talking animal characters, and catchy songs. A couple of Teachable Moments thrown in.

It worked the way of a good kids’ movie- with plenty of fun that could reach kids, but enough to keep grownups on board."

White rabbit

Image: Carly Lesser & Art Drauglis

Would you go see Bunnicula: The Musical? Is there a children's book that you'd like to see turned into a deliciously campy musical?

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