Burrito Night

It's that time of year again...the beginning of snow flurries, winter hats, and cuddling up by the fire. Except it isn't that time of year for me because I moved to California. The east coast rhythms that I knew my whole life don't exist here.  True, by the end of February on the east coast I was always more than ready to toss my gloves and ring in the springtime with a frisbee, but I always remember having to wait through the long month of March until spring really arrived.  To all of my east coast friends, I hope you are enjoying the crispness of your autumn weather and the anticipation of sledding and ice skating.  Out here in Cali, we'll look forward to the first year in a long time without getting seasonal affective disorder.  We're feeling liberated - I think we don't even need to take vitamin D!  But I really will miss the rhythms of the seasons.

Ayurveda, the "medicinal" arm of yoga, focuses on the changing seasons. Ayurveds (yoga "doctors") prescribe different teas and foods based on a change in season.  There are also some special asana (poses) that are recommended for different seasons. As we enter into a time when nature will "sleep," becoming dormant and restorative, so too, we can treat our bodies to their natural inclinations. The following suggestions are intended to bring your body and mind into a restful state.

Make Your Own Burrito

In this picture you see a traditional "Mexican" blanket that many yoga studios and teachers like to use.  You can use any old blanket. Just like a burrito, have your kids wrap you up as you roll. Now enjoy feeling "held" by the fabric of your homemade cocoon.

The Works

This one is a burrito bursting with the whole family! There will be laughs...hopefully no tears. I named it this way because I was thinking that this is how it would show up on the Moe's menu.


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