Bush's War and Obama's Muslim Roots Both Played Important Roles in Iran's Protest Movement

Obots (e.g., Bill Keller on MTP) are happy to credit the inchoate pro-democracy movement in Iran to a single speech that Obama gave even as they continue to deny an important ingredient in Mr. Obama’s sway with the Muslim world--his Muslim roots found in his middle name and elsewhere. In fact, the media becomes absolutely apoplectic if anyone other than Obama mentions his Muslim roots.
This site does think that Obama-- a guy who has Muslim roots--is of no small appeal to Muslims. He is far less “other” that the stodgy white male presidents who came before him.
Obama has lived and studied with Muslims, studied the Koran, his father was born into a Muslim family, his stepfather was Muslim. The press became utterly hysterical when any attempts were made to point these facts out to the public during the campaign—as though Americans needed to be shielded from the truth—a VERY odd stance for the media to take, btw. And in the end: Who CARES.

None of us really know what religion is in the hearts of any of our presidents. But appearances matter, that is why Obama made a show of becoming a good standing member of the Christian Community. That is why all our presidents profess a love of the American Churches. Heck, many of them are most likely agnostic. Obama’s daddy became an atheist and that is my guess for Mr. Obama. And I can tell you that virtually ALL of MSM journalists feel that Obama is an atheist, something that gives relief after having Bush shove state enforced religion down our throats. Separation of Church and Sates is what makes this wonderful country work.*

Only a fool believes that Mr. Obama "loved" Rev. Wright for any other reason than entre into Chicago politics and black community credibility.
Games to be played, oh well.
But the heritage of one’s family is something that never leaves us, and so Obama will have a certain respect for Muslim culture that many, perhaps all, of our former presidents lacked. Muslims know this. Family counts. That is why Obama has sway in the Muslim world. His actions are not as necessary as the facts--his heritage-- I’ve outlined above and Mr. Obama is smart to use his heritage to advantage.
[NOTE: Reporters who deny this are lying. I have traveled to Muslim countries and talked to many many Muslims. Universally they pointed to Mr. Obama’s Muslim “heritage” or “roots” or “backbone” as one young man called it. Reporters KNOW that Mr. Obama has Muslim roots that are very important to Muslims worldwide. So Please, can we be honest about this for a change. Americans are not dolts to be dealt with as children! Doing so is one large reason the media ship is sinking: media credibility is shot. Obama shilling was and is so pervasive and inescapable that almost no one (save Obotomations) think the media will tell us the truth about this guy or his administration.]

Obama kept mum when the media when WILD if anyone dared mention his REAL middle name, but he made a show of using it during his inauguration. Obama has ALWAYS used his patchwork history—religious and genetic—to his advantage. Why NOT let the Muslim world soak it up? (This is very different than allowing overseas non-citizens to fund his campaign, a very actionable crime that no one will pursue, sadly.)

Which brings me to the meat of this post: The Obama speech was just a cap on many events that led to Iran’s unrest—an important cap, but JUST a cap. It was by NO means the persuading factor.

FemiSex pointed out back in March that progress towards democracy in Iraq is sure to spread to Iran. As Iraqi citizens streamed out of voting booths, risking life and limb to display their inked fingers, Iran was jealously watching. (Iranians know election fraud is rampant in their system.) The two countries have been locked in sibling rivalry for…ever perhaps. So when one makes strides the other will want to keep up.
In March FemiSex pointed out this truly amazing fact:

Of the estimated 14,000 candidates {in Iraq}, close to 4, 000 are women.
Wow….28% of the candidates were women

Then we said:

If democracy takes root in Iraq and if we stick with this commitment to keep the process going, then women worldwide will be better off for generations to come. When Iranian women see their Iraqi sisters holding public office in record numbers, then the sea will shift and this may be the moment when the oceans of women’s oppression began to slow and our planet begins to heal. (Sorry to Obama for borrowing your self-congratulatory words.)
It took decades for civil rights to inch forward after our country was divided by war, and the world truly benefited from the outcome of that war. Now let’s nurture the benefits of war, and not squander them in our indignation for a person named G.W., as the whole planet holds its breath.

FemiSex always has to stop here to remind folks that we are and were never Bush fans. We voted Gore then Kerry (gulped hard on that but did it). I was asked to leave one Wall Street dinner party early in 2003 when I said that Bush went to war for oil.
But honesty is always a tough path to take, an unpopular path. And right now, it is not going to be popular to suggest that the Bush/Cheney Iraq war might have very positive outcomes, esp. for women, in the long haul, if …if…we don’t turn tail and leave before the time is right. (A special F- YOU to NYTimes and their BS timetable demands! Women need and deserve better than that!)
We broke it, we own it and quite possibly we can be an impetus to fixing it—and anything that makes women more powerful in a country is a fix, I promise you that. Germany was a broken place; war fixed it. The American South was a broken place and war fixed it. I am NO war monger, but I am also, and above all realist. The is no shame in working, even warring, to bring peace and freedom, especially if that peace extricates women from bondage.

Yesterday a fine young woman died in Iran. Today the world is holding a WOMAN up as a sign of the struggle for Freedom in a Muslim country! Neda is the future. I can tell you, every time I see the green ink on the fingers of men and women in Iran, I realize that the osmotic flow of democracy has moved from Iraq into Iran—inked fingers to inked fingers. In China, there was a hopeful moment in TiananmenSquare. That moment petered out. The way forward in Iran, the way to be sure that freedom for Iranians progresses rather than peters is to continue our commitment to Iraqi freedom. To do that will require honesty about the good that has come from the Bush admin--as painful as that may be, it is the only honest way forward. One Obama speech, did NOT bring Iranians to the streets. The confluence counts, as always.

* works refers to the fact we have religious tolerance, but there is MUCH work to be done to move women into equal status players in our country


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