Why is there still a stigma against being on the dole?

I will admit it. During a long period of unemployment, I have received job seekers allowance. I received fifty pounds a week to sit about in my Sesame Street pajamas and apply for increasingly crappier sounding jobs, with my only company being the Loose Women panel. I had to fill in a little paper booklet where I diligently recorded details of the jobs that I applied for. I felt isolated from the world; socially excluded. My days and my actions felt tiny and insignificant, to the point that they blended into one....more
J-MOM Thank you for your comment. I completely agree. It seems as if it's just much easier to ...more

Getting ACLS Certified – The Benefits to You

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is a set of procedures that medical professionals follow when a patient requires urgent attention for a heart condition that is life threatening. To become an ACLS provider, the person must have the knowledge and training to intervene and deploy his or her skills for treating the patient. Qualified health care professionals are required to undergo a certification program specially made for the purpose....more


I actually enjoy working in the office.  I like talking to people face to face, find it easier to create or solve things in person and thrive on the social interactions.  I get motivated by the energetic buzz around me and find it easier to keep up with the latest company news when present.  Also let me not forget the pleasure I take in our excellent snack selection plus I have a little bit of a Vitamin Zero addiction that needs fueling.  ...more


Ahhh! The joys of SEX. there I said it! SEX. I have to confess, I am just about as stiff as the plastic dolls above when I have to talk about... SEX. Yup, there I said it again! Hence as I am easing into this persona I call Samantha Jones.  I am getting to know more about this awesome thing called -- yep never mind. Anyway, how awesome is SEX right? Well definitely with the right person that is!...more

Be Good to Your Server: She Could Have Been Me

Working at night is not for the faint of heart. It's heartbreaking to miss bedtimes, homework, and football practices. For two years, I watched my baby all day, and when my big kids came home from school, I had to put on the apron and rush out the door to my waitress job. ...more
aw - very sweet post!  i don't have kids, but i know the trials and tribulations of being a ...more

How to Negotiate for Flextime (Video)

Negotiating for a flexible time arrangement can make or break the sanity scales as a working women, especially if you're a mother. Yet, you know why flextime would be a plus, but you have to sell the idea to your organization. Here's a video excerpt that can support you in doing just that. ...more

Are Nannies Entitled to Paid Time Off & Benefits?

I recently discovered a caregiver blog that I am totally in love with. MaryP is a Canadian caregiver, like me, except that she runs a daycare and has done so for over 14 years. She’s got a fresh, funny style that I really love, and she’s really informative. Not only is she a culinary genius who cooks all the kids’ meals from scratch, she also has many wry, funny stories that I find myself nodding and laughing along to. So nice to find a blog from another Canadian who really knows her stuff. Her stories are funny and sometimes bittersweet....more

The Flip Side of Divorce

With so much negative talk, and studies on Divorce it's overwhelming to even begin to think about leaving an unhappy marriage.  Today I examine the positives of divorce.  How can you and your children benefit from divorce?  I list 5 ways for children and you.  Today I look at the flip side of divorce.  Stop on by for some positive thinking on what is a very negative issue.http://www.lisathomsonlive.com/the-flip-side-of-divorce/...more

Jump It Off and Train Your Inner Athlete

I picked up a jump rope for the first time when I hit a weight loss plateau a few years ago. It helped me get over the plateau… but more importantly it quickly became my new passion. I never would have thought at 30 years old I would love jumping rope so much, but after seeing and feeling the benefits, I cannot imagine my life without it.Jumping Rope is an inexpensive, portable, easy to learn, and fun way to work out. It is one of the most cost effective pieces of exercise equipment that provides one of the greatest cardio workouts in existence. Just ask Rocky....more
Awesome! I'm looking forward to it! @TheJumpRopeQueenmore

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50's Style Floral Cabochon Necklace...more