Working 9-5 (no longer)

he days of working Monday through Friday, 9-5 are over, whether some of the "old guard" want to admit or not. ...more

Is Fear in the Workplace Holding You Hostage?

The paradox of these changing times is that on the one hand it is an ideal time to re-evaluate your career path whether you still have a job, got laid off, or started/own a business. On the flip side these anxieties are transforming the workplace and business climate in such a way that many people are scared into full paralysis. ...more

Funny cartoon msimon...

What I wonder in some cases is whether we create more of our ...more

Are Women Better Bosses?

The debate about whether women or men make better managers has shown its face yet again. Like all long-standing debates: PC vs. Mac, Pepsi vs. Coke, Ford vs. Chevy, ... we seem to know the question always lingers just around the corner, is impossible to conclude with certainty, and is likely to rear its head every so often just to keep things interesting. That's exactly what happened when the NY Times published "No Doubts: Women Are Better Managers". ...more

Hi Jody, 

I agree with you some hard and fast statistics would be great. I haven't ...more

Beat me like a red headed step child?

Dear Co-workers, I understand how hard you work and how underappreciated you feel. Really, I do. You put in gross amount of hours, raise others'children for them, don't receive raises, and feel your time is stretched beyond belief. I'm with you, I feel you. Now here comes the but...   ...more

Problems with the Company Picnic

It's almost summer, which in my company means family picnics and other such outings. Unfortunately, I work at a company which does not allow singles to invite a plus one unless they are married. While I want to attend the festivities and realize it’s important for my career, I cannot tolerate another corporate affair on my own. How can I overcome these unfair family-friendly policies?'s Career Expert Alyson D'Anna's Answer: ...more

Does Your Nonprofit Organization Have A Laptop Culture?

A photo of my laptop stickers That's my laptop, its decorated with social media stickers that I've collected along the way.   My laptop, equipped with a broadband Internet card, has become an indispensable tool for me when meeting face-to-face with someone or talking by phone. Here's how I use it: ...more

Sometimes it's vital to have my laptop with me. Other times, it's a distraction.

And, it's ...more

Will the real {insert name here} please stand up?

Cameron Diaz gave me an "ah-ha" moment today. Trust me. No one is more shocked. I was listening to last week’s Real Time with Bill Maher podcast and already pleasantly surprised when BAM! She said something so deep, so enlightening that I almost had to pull over. ...more

I am over 50 and now know that life flows. Of course you change and you leave people behind ...more

How to graciously share space with other people

Unless you’re Thurston Howell III — with acres of spare rooms and 27 in help — houseguests are the pits. ~ Philip Galanes This bit of advice from The New York Times Social Q's column made me sad. ...more

When Saying Nothing Is Best!

I have been noticing there is a fine balance between being able to express your thoughts, perspectives and observations to another individual and it being seeing as such – just observations and being taken as “this is what is wrong” or “this is what you should do” etc. ...more

UGH the stupid

UGH I don't even know where to start since legally I can't say what I want to. First off I have dated some real losers in my day (haven't we all) but I have never dated anyone who was so uninformed, so not business smart or that out right disrespected my job until now.  Most people around me and those I have dated in the past fully understand that don't just have a job. I run a business and am part of an industry. We use the money we make to support our families, run households and such. I'm not fully sure WHY this is hard to understand. ...more