Summer (Business) Reading Selections

As I began packing my suitcase for summer vacation, I realized it was time to pick out my summer reading. This is usually a big decision for me, as I am sure it is for many of you. too. So I thought I would share a few great books (or magazines) to take along on vacations- to help your business. Here are a few recommendations: ...more

Sisters of "Pink"


Chronicles of an Executive Assistant Trying To Get Out

An on-going game I like to play with my boss is “Condescending Remark of the Day.” I know you’re just dying to know about this game so all of you can start playing too.  Since I started working with my boss, not one day has gone by that he doesn’t say something condescending. Let’s replay today’s game: ...more

I have no advice for dealing with an arrogant jackass boss or a snotty nosed 5 year olds ...more

Stand strong and stay powerful

Women apologize more frequently than men, it’s a fact. Most of the time we say “sorry” to be polite but it’s diminishing our credibility. Our power. Do you ever find yourself saying any of these phrases? • “I'm sorry, but I think...” • “I'm sorry you have to do this, but...” • “I'm sorry to bother you with...” • “I'm sorry, this might not be exactly what you wanted...” ...more

 I would also recommend it to men, and that sometimes would include, ahem, me. ...more

Running for Cover

 Have you ever had one of those days when you said to yourself, "Why me" or "This can't be real."  Well, at times it feels like these days turn into weeks and sometimes the weeks turn into months.  It can feel like I am living out some cruel practical joke.  This is especially true at work.  I mean, some of the problems ...more

Pepper Spray Pen for Self Defense in the Workplace

A pen is something we all carry at one time or another. But a pepper spray pen can also be your unnoticed weapon of self defense. Whether you take it to your workplace or college campus, this uniquely disguised weapon can actually be used to prevent crime because of it's element of surprise. ...more

Was Wooly Bully a Woman?

The recent New York Times article entitled "Backlash: Women Bullying Women" instantly reminded me of the 1960's song, "Wooly Bully"*. Its logic was ...more

Passions or Family Business?

Recently, a graduating college senior asked me, “While my first choice is to find a job on my own, my family owns a business and they’d love for me to join them. Given the current state of the economy, should I consider joining the family business my best option?” ...more

Time to De-stress

It's tough. People are grumpy and with budget cuts happening everywhere, well, it's just plain stressful. That got me to thinking of tips I've heard and used to create a little peace and relaxation in the middle of the day. ...more


A detox foot spa sounds wonderful! I could get use to relaxing with a foot ...more

Feeling isolated working at home? Try a coworking space.

Many entrepreneurial businesses start in the proprietor’s home. For some, this is exciting; while others miss the personal connection and water cooler conversation of the office. If you are an entrepreneur that misses having a co-worker to shoot the breeze with, coworking might just be for you. ...more