How Successful Women put Personality into Business

Rohit Bhatgava, author of Personality Not Included, just released a new downloadable eBook, called The Personality Project: “Women of Personality” . This book features 20 women who have successfully melted their personalities into their businesses. Does your business reflect your personality? My business, Real Living , does—it’s spunky, like me! ...more

Wearing What You Want to Work - Whoopi Goldberg

Did you hear Whoopi’s response on The View to the woman who criticized her clothes? Among other things, the woman said Whoopi’s clothes were baggy and unappealing; Whoopi told the critical woman to “Kiss my a–” and offered other choice words that don’t make her a well-behaved woman (she’s my kinda lady!). ...more

Feeling angst every day about going to work isn't fun -- I've been there! But my angst wasn't ...more

The Real Story On Fake Boobs

An online Bitter Poll we ran surprised us when almost 58% of voters said they thought fake breasts could only help a female lawyer’s career.  So we at asked around. Read “The Real Story On Fake Boobs” here. ...more

The Journey of a thousand miles...

...begins with 30 minutes of gimpy steps. Today is National Start! Walking Day, and - while I may be hobbling this first day (and possibly the next few) - I'll be out there. My mother, father, brother and sister all had heart problems before they died, and a day doesn't go by when I don't think of my nephew's dark humor at his mother's December funeral, asking who was planning on dying next year. ...more

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Prevent Sexual Violence in the Workplace

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The theme for 2009 is Sexual Violence in the Workplace. From 1993 - 1999, 36,500 rapes and sexual assaults occurred while employees were working or on duty in the US. This number excludes $12,000+ annual reported acts of sexual harassment at work. How is Workplace Sexual Violence defined? ...more

Working together without compromising your marriage

While I never imagined that I would end up working for the family business, I love my job. And while it is very rewarding, working with family can also be a challenge. My husband, Harley, and I have worked together at Real Living for 12 years now, and it has been a great balancing act to maintain stability at home and at work. ...more

A Must Have for College Women!

It's a known fact that college women are 4 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than other women. With this in mind, college students and particularly female college students, need some sort of self defense product. Let's face it, most women do not have a black belt in karate and we are, physically speaking, the weakest sex. ...more

i was assaulted in college and I now run a support website and message board to help ...more

My New Job: Writing Dangerously

When I first started my new job, I made a commitment to myself to give myself a creative outlet even though I had to go back to a box job. The new job put me in a cube, which was a rough setback from the kick-ass office I used to have overlooking 42nd Street, a block from a beautiful park overlooking the United Nations Building. ...more

On my own Terms

I was laying in bed next to my boyfriend reading "Bitter is the new Black" and totally got inspired to go back to my blogging. Only this time it's going to be more about the real me and less about the "performer" that the world wide web knows. This blog is not going to be for the faint at heart nor will it be for anyone who has ever wanted to see me naked. I have read so many hateful things about women in the porn industry and I want to help put a REAL face on what women are REALLY like in this business. We are more "normal" than you might think. ...more

Need a cool place to hide your valuables?

We all have something at home or at work that is valuable to us. Sometimes we don't want others to know that we have it or where it's at. Let's face it, occasionally friends, co-workers or even family members are nosy and will snoop in drawers or closets to see what we have, not to mention burglars! ...more