Breaking Up With A Friend

Here’s a question that comes up a lot lately:  Do you still hear from her/him?  It used to feel like a badge of honor to say I’ve had the same friends forever, but some of them just don’t fit anymore.  I still cherish a few friendships that have endured through decades , but not all the people I used to know are people I want to be with today. When we were younger, we clumped together.  Birds of a feather for various reasons and various causes.  We formed parent groups, church groups, hobby groups, business associations and community activist groups. ...more

Communication with employees is key

In a climate where office stress levels are on the rise and leaders have to make difficult cost-cutting decisions, employer-employee relations can turn sour. To maintain a positive work environment and a good rapport, it’s important to communicate. Talk with your employees and get to know them. Take the time to interact with them on a daily basis and show an interest in their lives. A real, genuine conversation is comforting; share a story or a laugh with your employees. A little interest goes a long way. ...more

NeNe from Real Housewives of ATL talks to ME about Domestic Violence, Chris Brown and Rihanna

"My Life Without You" I begged you on hands and knees to try to live with me in peace, seem ...more

Avoiding Snark Attacks

Have you recently been the victim of a sexist remark? ...more

A big bully and standing up for whats right...

This weekend I opened at the Local greasy restaurant that I work at part time.  I have worked at this restaurant for five months, which is longer than any other employee they have had.  They have also had absolutely no problems with me since they hired me.  I am the most dedicated and hard working employee that they have.  ...more

I am confused as to why the owners still keep them on their payroll.  He sounds like a ...more

Phone Call from a Pig

I lead a double life.  By day, I work in communications at a local hospital, handling media requests, writing speeches for ribbon-cuttings, putting out the employee newsletter.  By night/weekend I am a farm wife and mother to three kids who were, at one time or another, all breastfed in the swine barn of the Indiana State Fair. This week I got our CEO in front of three local TV stations and then saw my seven-year-old son off to a national hog show in Georgia.  I put out the employee newsletter on Thursday while my husband birthed a dozen piglets. ...more

Snow White in the Workplace

There are many office personalities that mix like those two cleaning chemicals I always forget that you shouldn't mix. The cleaning ...more

Business Women Have Clout & Gaining More Everyday

The statistics prove it. Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men. In fact, every 60 seconds a woman starts a business. From home-based businesses to high-level entrepreneurs, women are taking control of their professional careers in a variety of ways. Why? ...more

Lean on me, sistah...

“I have a strict policy that nobody cries alone in my presence.”  - Truvy ...more