The Mother Of The Octuplets Speaks

And to think, she doesn't even have an Apu with a milk bag!! This woman is SCREWED! (although... not literally) ...more

York University Strike Drags On

I remember back in my university days when a break from studies, or an "extra" week to finish a project was a blessing. But imagine that near the end of your semester school just stops. Worse, you don't know when you'll go back. Sure, those first few days was great, maybe even the first week, but eleven weeks with no end in sight? Well, that's how long a strike has lasted at Canada's York University and students are itching to get back into class. ...more

Teaching with blogs

It's been a while since I wrote about teaching with blogs. I'm a bit ashamed to say that's because my inner pedagogue looks at my course blogs, taps me on the shoulder, and says, UR DOIN IT WRONG. The problem? I know how to do it right--in theory. I just haven't had the time and patience to really put into practice everything the good people of the academic blogosphere have shared with me. ...more

I'm about to Stumble this great article.

Virginia DeBolt

Are University Centers for Teaching and Learning Necessary?

Last summer, Historiann wrote a post that has been nagging me all these intervening months. In it, she asks if the centers for teaching and learning that have been popping up on college and university campuses over the past four decades really are necessary. ...more

I quite agree. One needs years of practise to teach effectively. Method seminars are very ...more

Collecting College Credits

Collecting credits. That’s how I have come to refer to what I seem to be doing in regards to getting that danged elusive college degree. You see, I’ve “started taking college classes” roughly a million times since graduating high school over a decade ago. Started majoring in Biology, then switched to Psych because I got all A's without even trying. Then I started adding Art History, then Literature, then Religion, and now I have absolutely no idea what kind of a degree I may end up with! ...more

Release the hostages: Teaching and the problem of "coverage"

I can't tell you how many times I have walked down the hallway of the classroom building where I worked, glancing in door and after door to see professors talking at students in dim lecture halls, facts outlined in full sentences on PowerPoint slides. At such times I want to rappel down the center aisle of the classroom, SWAT style, to save the hostages. ...more

...I wouldn't know....

 ....hang on...I'll think of something....

 You know, I ...more