Passions or Family Business?

Recently, a graduating college senior asked me, “While my first choice is to find a job on my own, my family owns a business and they’d love for me to join them. Given the current state of the economy, should I consider joining the family business my best option?” ...more

Educational Podcasts and Vlogs – Learning On The Go

I have an increasing appreciation for educational podcasts and videos. I love having the ability of downloading a lecture, web seminar or literature. I wish that we were not be so busy that there only time for tweet-sized chunks of information. I’m not knocking the torrent of information.  It is just that I need more than 140 characters to truly understand a concept. ...more

Time to De-stress

It's tough. People are grumpy and with budget cuts happening everywhere, well, it's just plain stressful. That got me to thinking of tips I've heard and used to create a little peace and relaxation in the middle of the day. ...more


A detox foot spa sounds wonderful! I could get use to relaxing with a foot ...more

A mother's rant

This weekend my daughter will be moving back home, finished with her finals and ready for the summer before her junior year in college. Today her dad spent a couple hours on the phone trying to break her apartment lease. You see, instead of returning to her adopted college town in the fall, she will be making a new home two hours closer.  ...more

University of Georgia Professor sought in Athens, Georgia shooting

Living in a college town is an experience unlike any other. Really. It's hard to describe unless you experience it. I've spent a good bit of time in Clemson, SC where everyone eats and drinks and breathes orange & purple. Where every other word out of someone's mouth is about Clemson University or how the Tigers are doing in whatever sports season it might be. I spent a wonderful six years in Gainesville, Florida where folks felt exactly that way about the Gators and the University of Florida. ...more

just discovered one of the people killed was a more

Sexual Harassment Research

If you’re slightly familiar with my blog, you know that I’m currently involved in a sexual harassment legal nightmare: the second day after meeting my new boss at my new job, the married SOB grabbed me, kissed my neck, and propositioned me three times! ...more

How to Choose a College Major

In my last post, I wrote about choosing a college. This week, we'll look at how to choose a major before attending college (if the admissions paperwork requires you to declare one) and again (yes, again) once you're actually in college. ...more


You know what? I am going to school full-time. I have 3 children aged 5 and under. I am doing the work of a full-time job as I student teach. I am also a pastor's wife which is a part-time job all on its own. Therefore, I am not going to worry about my messy house. I have decided to not care. ...more

Urban Interns

Saying that I have very strong feelings about what interning can do for one's career is a gross understatement. While I can only base this on personal experience but I do think that internships and those first jobs - even the most inane that include 'Xeroxing' as a skill - are a solid foundation for a career. Living in DC for six years all of which were spent attempting to build some sort of career even if it meant enjoying hors d'oeuvres at fundraisers because they were free and free lukewarm calamari is way better than Ramen; presented me with options. ...more