Online Find of the Day: Schoola

So today one of my Facebook friends posted a link to an online store called Schoola.  The link promised $15 in free gently-used kids' clothes.I've been shopping consignment since before it was mainstream, so buying things used is natural to me.  And it has suddenly gotten VERY cold here, and Lorelei has almost nothing to wear for winter.  So I thought I would take a look....more

#WinterIsComing5K is Sold Out

I'm so thrilled. I wrote earlier this week about the various steps I've been taking to raise fund for RODS, including my hope that the virtual 5K I'd put together would sell out by the end of the week. Well, it happened this morning. The #WinterIsComing5K is sold out....more

How I'm Raising funds for RODS Racing

Back in September I did something crazy. I committed to running the Goofy Challenge in January. But that's not quite the crazy part. The crazy part, was that in doing so, I agreed to raise $1500 for RODS Racing. Let's be clear about something - I've never raised funds for anything before. I had no idea if $1500 was an achievable goal for a gal like me, with tons of friends in similar situations to mine (aka, broke-ass actors). But something beautiful is happening....more

Set a Theme and Let Your Attendees Do the Decorating for You!

In fundraising, budgeting is imperative.  When hosting an event, big dollars are often spent on decorations to create a fun and lively atmosphere.   Here's a great idea for how you can decorate and get that party vibe without spending your hard earned dollars.•     •     •     •     •...more

Create Easy Chalkboard Signs for Your Next Event

Photo by the Big Change ProjectChalkboard signs are a great decorative element for y...more

The Rainbow Connection

Photo by The Big Change Project...more

After the Sale is Over

From our Pinterest PageRequesting samples of items you are selling as a fundraiser to showcase and market them can inc...more

Collaboration - Two Heads are Better than One

Working alone can sometimes be easier, but working collaboratively can bring out the best in you and others around you.  Be sure to start off on the right foot and the sky's the limit!•    •    •    •    •There are many mornings when the phone rings and the voice on the other end  says, "Help!...more

Spring is Perfect for a Mixed Bag

Photo by Mixed Bag DesignsSpring is ...more