SEO and United Airlines

SEO or search engine optimization is generally considered the god of the Internet, specifically Google. Companies and brands for years have focused on maximizing SEO and keywords to bring their website higher up in Google’s search rankings. This is a fancy way of saying that companies want to be on the first page of Google’s results when a potential customer types certain keywords into the search box.  Companies need to spend time and thought into what key words they want to represent them online....more

January's Reflection

It feels so good to be blogging again.  I haven’t written in about 3 weeks because I’ve been doing some reflecting and soul-searching.Don’t worry though, I AM BACK!! Over the past couple weeks, I have started my 2nd semester of graduate school.  I’ve also spoken with two attorneys about taking steps to starting my own business.  And, I’ve had some crucial conversations with some friends to gain advice and perspective....more

Surviving the Quarter Life Crisis

I started graduate school this week.  It’s overwhelming and exhausting.   Now, let’s be honest.....I’m in this grad school program for the possibility of future career opportunities.  I’m kind of tapped out in my current career.  I can’t go any further and I can’t get a raise.  Thus, I’m in grad school. I got into a fancy-smanchy school.  People are always really impressed when I tell them where I’m going.   ...more

6 Tips on How to Be a Smart and Successful Graduate Student

You might think it's too easy but it isn't: pretty much everything I’ve ever said to my graduate students—at least in terms of what they need to know to help them write their dissertation—can be summed up by the following points:...more

To Plan or Not to Plan

Look, I'm a pantser. I don't plan. I never plan. Why? Because my plans are all shit, that's why. My plans never play out. I can't bend my life to my will, it's too chaotic. And if I waste my time making plans, then I have to plan for (see what I did there?) more time on the other end, to wallow in self-pity when those plans don't work....more
@Darcie Mass Communications with a concentration in health and science!more

Grad School Survival Tips for Families

 @playdatecrashers Aw, thank you! I'm glad that you wrote this--grad student life (or spouse of) ...more

Reading Week

I have been writing for five days, for a minimum of six hours each day.  Writing and writing and writing and writing and–You get the idea....more Some feminist writers make their work intentionally jargonistic and inaccessible – ...more

And It Begins

It was the first day back to school today.SQUEEEEE!!!  (Accompanied by much jumping up and down and wiggling.)...more
Hahaha! It's true. New notebooks are like undiscovered magic =D Thanks so much for the ...more

Hard Decisions

My textbooks arrived on Friday.The kids saw the postal truck pull up outside the house, cranked their internal volume way past Eleven, and told me in a rush of jumbled vowels and consonants and bodies moving on multiple linear planes:THE MAILMAN HAS A PACKAGE FOR US!!!!And I would have reminded them that we were inside the house.  Let's use gentle voices, please.  Except that I couldn't make words, and my chest felt all constricted.  And I worried that if I opened my mouth the sound coming out of me would be MUCH louder....more
Thanks, Virginia. The bath got delayed by chores and family commitments, but it's in my plans ...more

We Are Bad Fish Parents

Our first fish tank was one of those little 20 gallon things that comes in a starter kit with the hood lamp, pumps, and plastic plants included for One Low Price....more
Oh, I'm not above bribery. Both of my kids were potty trained via M&M's, stickers, special ...more