When Your Most Promising New Hire Candidate Turns Out to Be Sexist

As far as one’s standing in the tech community goes, Laura Roeder has done very well for herself by any standard. As the founder and CEO of Meet Edgar, she’s established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media platform integration and synchronization. It’s easy to envy someone who’s so successfully and so quickly made her mark on the tech industry....more

Ask About Values Before Hiring

It’s always exciting when you open a new role at your company. Here’s your chance to bring in fresh insights and perspectives to uplevel your whole team! As the interviews wind down and you’ve narrowed the field to your top one or two candidates, how do you know which is going to be the best fit? On paper they both might look terrific, and obviously they can do the job or they would not have gotten this far. But are there ways to predict the “fit factor,” and shed some light on how they will mesh with the talent you already have in place? Sometimes it is all in the questions you ask....more

Seven of the Deadliest Hiring Sins: Busted

Hiring too fast is a temptation; trust me, it certainly is! With the start-ups looking to make it big internationally and Big Data being a raging issue, the recruitment procedures are often thrown out of the window and compromised for those fast-paced alternatives, causing havoc in the long run....more

Unicorns and Leprechauns: Stop Waiting for the Perfect Candidate

Quick quiz…which of the following really exist?...more

3 Things to Look For in a Receptionist

Hiring a new team member is always a tricky task. Not only do you need to find someone qualified for the job, but you also need to make sure they fit in with the company culture you’ve worked so hard to create. An added level of pressure, then, comes with hiring a receptionist. What can seem at first glance like one of the more minor roles in your business is actually a position that you should pay special attention to. When a customer walks through the door, or gives your business a call, the receptionist is the first face they see or voice they hear....more

Dana’s Corner: Three Ways I Judge Your Facebook Before Hiring You

It’s time for another Dana’s Corner on the Blogher blog! Dana, the Director of Operations of our company, oversees all the hiring that goes on in the office. Though before anyone gets through the door, Dana gives their social pages the ol’ once (or twice) over. ...more

How to Hire Without Over-Hiring this Summer

We’re officially in the summer months and that can only mean one thing, outside of vacations and three day weekends – time to bring on the seasonal hires!But don’t rush into it so fast. While it’s easy to let the seasonal surge in business make you believe that it’s time to hire all the staffers, it’s also very expensive. Salaries will easily be your business’s biggest expense, especially if you bring on lots of full-time employees, and it’s important to make sure that you keep the following four areas in mind before going on a hiring spree....more

Two For One? Sometimes It’s Better To Just Get Two

Wouldn’t it be great if we were all skilled in everything? Like we were the best at web design and copywriting and bookkeeping? Typically though, we are not. We hire the best person for the job because not only can they do it better, but they will also probably do it faster then we can. If time is money, then we are actually saving money to get the right person plugged in on the things we don’t do all that well....more

Recruiting is For Lovers: Life as a Professional Cupid

My reality television weakness is The Millionaire Matchmaker. In case you haven’t seen it, the premise is that Patty (The Matchmaker) runs a high-end dating service (The Millionaire’s Club). Every week she and her team select two high-net-worth individuals, preview potential dates for them, set up a social mixer, orchestrate a “master date,” get feedback from both parties, then decide how to move forward. She’s from a long line of matchmakers and focuses on helping her clients find true love, not just a hot date....more

Questions Sales Candidates Ask that Should Stop the Interview

There are certain questions that should raise a red flag when you are interviewing sales candidates.  You are hiring a person who will be responsible for driving your business forward. ...more
Great post ... as a person that will be hiring a sales staff soon this opened my eyes to a ...more