Woo, Wow, Win

There’s plenty of advice for candidates out there on how to score that big gig. But, as the hiring company, are you concentrating on what will bring them to you and have them say “yes” to your offer? Will they work with you for more than two years? You need to woo and wow them to win them. ...more

A Bad Sales Hire Can Crush a Small Business

The decision to bring a sales person into your business is the most important decision you make as a business owner. Financially, it can be very rewarding or it can be devastating to your bottom-line.  The reality is that your hiring decision can propel you to mega-success, crush your business or land you somewhere in the middle....more

Bringing on a Temporary Worker – 5 Steps to Success

Bringing on a Temporary Worker – 5 Steps to SuccessBy Catherine Lang-Cline...more

Temp Workers are the Cool, New Workforce

Temp Workers are the Cool, New WorkforceBy Catherine Lang-ClineSo it seems that business are starting to see work again. During the recession everyone grew lean and cut overhead in the form of staff. Now it might be time to bring people back. Here’s the thing, in that window of time while businesses were struggling and people were laid off, the workforce has changed entirely ...more

Temporary Staffing - You Get What You Pay For

Temporary Staffing - You Get What You Pay ForBy Catherine Lang-ClineWho doesn’t love a bargain? Everyone loves a bargain as illustrated by the popularity of coupons, rebates, sales and deal-of-the-day email services. With everyone being budget conscious both at home and at work, it is probably a fairly wise thing to do.Who has ever bought something at a very reduced price only to find out the product was terrible or it in the long run, cost you even more money? ...more

Job Interviews and Work Ethic

I do the hiring for my husband's family's company. Most days it is a pretty easy, laid back job but the last two weeks have been miserable....more

The Art of Negotiation

This blog is dedicated to the Art Gallery Hiring Lady, whom I had the immense pleasure of interviewing with last week.  If I'm not mistaking, and I'm not, you were going to call me back last Friday, with a time and date for my second interview....more

The Importance of Hiring Women in Technology

 From Internet World Business/Switzerland - January 2011 Take a look at this picture. These faces abounded, over six editorial pages, within Internet World Businesses most recent issue - highlighting the faces and names rocking the tech scene in Switzerland. Notice anything funny?We'll tell you what it is: Save for ONE - on a different page - these are all men....more

An Ode to Mom Bloggers!

As many of us around the world prepare our turkey and give "thanks," we want to take this opportunity to feature, and say thanks to, some of the brilliant "Butterfly Moms" that took flight - with the help of MyWorkButterfly. We're excited to introduce what will become a regular feature on MyWorkButterfly's home page in 2011!! Here's a taste of what's to follow in an ode to Butterfly members:   ...more