Master Phone Interviews

So, you’ve scored your first interview with a reporter. Woohoo! I know that feeling. It’s exhilarating the first minute; the next is filled with panic. Don’t worry. It’s time to get serious and start preparing. ...more

Urban Interns

Saying that I have very strong feelings about what interning can do for one's career is a gross understatement. While I can only base this on personal experience but I do think that internships and those first jobs - even the most inane that include 'Xeroxing' as a skill - are a solid foundation for a career. Living in DC for six years all of which were spent attempting to build some sort of career even if it meant enjoying hors d'oeuvres at fundraisers because they were free and free lukewarm calamari is way better than Ramen; presented me with options. ...more

Fortune Cookie Friends and Creative Entrepreneurs

So I am sure everyone has heard buzz about Twitter and why it’s so great. Well here is a personal example of why I think it is amazing. I tweeted about my fortune cookie message: Look for the dream that keeps coming back. It is your destiny. About three hours later, FortuneKookie Crew from Chicago followed me on Twitter. Their goal: “We like to follow people who tweet fortune messages!” Where else but Twitter? ...more


Many big names have been in the news for less than proper reasons.  Some celebraties, some politicians, some CEO's and the one thing they have in common is that they were tried and/or convicted of felonies.  Some even spent some jail time to atone for their actions.  However, upon their return to their respective workplaces they are for the most part re-welcomed back into their given society.  Even the football player who is currently in jail for dog fights and animal cruelty is negotiating his contract to return to the field while he is in prison. ...more

Do you have the entrepreneurial bug but don’t know where to start?

My advice is to follow your passions. What are the things in your life that make you wake up in the morning and smile? If you’re not sure what they are, or if you’re having trouble fitting the passion with the business, take some time for introspection. Get away from it all! Spend some time alone so you can think deeply about it. ...more

Share the Spotlight

At a recent company meeting I realized only the department heads took center stage. And yes, that is generally how large company meetings run, but face it: People just stop listening after so many PowerPoint slides. ...more

What the Chesire cat teaches us about presentation skills

The newly unemployed need to refine not only their resumes, but also their presentation skills. It's not just for the interview, but also for their discussions with networking acquaintances. It's not just for the acquaintance discussions, but also for their own clarity of thought. ...more

DOW Plunges, Jen... Cheers?

Call me crazy but I think it's exciting when the DOW drops really low. It's similar to the feeling of an impending storm. There is electricity in the air. People start to wonder. How bad will it be? What's going to happen? Will it change life as I know it? I find all these questions to be exhilarating, even if the answers might be negative. Some of it also has to do with my love of breaking records. For example, I despise winter, but if we have a super cold day that breaks the record low for that day, well then it's worth it. ...more

Public relations can work for you

A common misconception is that advertising and public relations are the same. Let me clarify. Advertising is paid placement; PR is third-party coverage, as in a reporter included you or your business in an article. This can be much more credible than advertising, but you lose the control you have when you place an ad. A good PR campaign can have lasting effects, creating buzz and driving sales. ...more

I'm Sorry What's the Plan Now?

The fact that I'm not writing to you from my local BURN unit right now is a miracle. You see I put the oven on 425 degrees (I'm telling you "degrees" just in case you thought it was pounds) and walked away. After ten minutes, I opened the broiler because that is where the pan was and proceeded to use my bare hands to try and remove it from said broiler so that I might put it in the oven. ...more