Look to your heroes for inspiration

Throughout our lives, we are often asked, “who are your heroes”. And many of us have a running list in our head, but we don’t take the time to stop and think about why we admire them. Is it their determination, their attitude, their kind heart? There are thousands of reasons to admire your heroes. It is important to take time to note these characteristics because the qualities we admire in our heroes are often qualities that we aspire to. ...more

Jean- Thanks for sharing. I found your blog and loved it. Thats so great that you share so ...more

Time to De-stress

It's tough. People are grumpy and with budget cuts happening everywhere, well, it's just plain stressful. That got me to thinking of tips I've heard and used to create a little peace and relaxation in the middle of the day. ...more


A detox foot spa sounds wonderful! I could get use to relaxing with a foot ...more

Building a Culture that Empowers

A business’ culture is what makes it unique. Just look at Apple and Microsoft. They both provide similar goods and services, but their cultures allow consumers to differentiate the two mega computer companies. Your culture is your competitive advantage, so be sure to create a remarkable one. ...more

Are you reaching for the wrong form of balance?

There are many women who believe there is this set, generic, ideal form of balance and continually struggle to reach this perfect work-life balance.   ...more

Picking up the Pieces

Losing a job can be devastating and the hardest part is to begin picking up the pieces. During these times, the best thing to do it to reach out. Ladies, we have perfected this. Men, however, are still falling behind. But reaching out is so important because those connections will be able to share their personal stories with you, give you pep talks and increase your confidence. ...more

Incorporating Gen Yers into the Business World

Gen Yers, or Millennials, are taking the business world by storm, and you’re probably hiring them, realizing what fantastic new skills they possess and wondering how you can a) keep up with them and b) challenge them enough to stay on board! From my experience, these are the things this generation is looking for in a work environment. ...more

Master Phone Interviews

So, you’ve scored your first interview with a reporter. Woohoo! I know that feeling. It’s exhilarating the first minute; the next is filled with panic. Don’t worry. It’s time to get serious and start preparing. ...more

Urban Interns

Saying that I have very strong feelings about what interning can do for one's career is a gross understatement. While I can only base this on personal experience but I do think that internships and those first jobs - even the most inane that include 'Xeroxing' as a skill - are a solid foundation for a career. Living in DC for six years all of which were spent attempting to build some sort of career even if it meant enjoying hors d'oeuvres at fundraisers because they were free and free lukewarm calamari is way better than Ramen; presented me with options. ...more

Fortune Cookie Friends and Creative Entrepreneurs

So I am sure everyone has heard buzz about Twitter and why it’s so great. Well here is a personal example of why I think it is amazing. I tweeted about my fortune cookie message: Look for the dream that keeps coming back. It is your destiny. About three hours later, FortuneKookie Crew from Chicago followed me on Twitter. Their goal: “We like to follow people who tweet fortune messages!” Where else but Twitter? ...more


Many big names have been in the news for less than proper reasons.  Some celebraties, some politicians, some CEO's and the one thing they have in common is that they were tried and/or convicted of felonies.  Some even spent some jail time to atone for their actions.  However, upon their return to their respective workplaces they are for the most part re-welcomed back into their given society.  Even the football player who is currently in jail for dog fights and animal cruelty is negotiating his contract to return to the field while he is in prison. ...more