Get Ahead: Job Interviewing Tips

When job interviewing in SoCal, it can take a of of effort and time.According to the latest stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate is in SoCal is between 5.1% to 5.3% (Santa Barbara to San Diego). The nation is at 5%, so we’re close to matchin’ up. Prior and when I first moved to SoCal, I applied close to 500 jobs.Yes, you read that correctly. 500 jobs, all between Santa Barbara and San Diego....more

Academic job hunting: Unicorn status

Last year, I felt like I’d just won the lottery. (If the lottery involved seven years of graduate study and three cycles of churning out 100+ page job applications by the dozen.) This year, I feel like a magical unicorn....more

Why I Hate Job Interviews

Admit it—we all hate going on job interviews. They can make even the most secure person feel awkward. There’s that feeling of being judged, scrutinized for any flaw. Worse, it makes us judge ourselves, always wondering, “Am I good enough?”We make sure we’re professionally dressed, our teeth, hair and makeup perfect. We try to be prepared by scouring countless articles on how to do interviews, what kinds of questions to expect, what kinds of questions we should ask.Two-Way Door...more

Ask Me A Question

I am a firm believer that if you are putting yourself out there on the internet along with all the other zeros and ones you own it. It being whatever you are putting out there.Take for instance I did a drawing for awesome stuff a few years ago and you know what someone WON It ! I was so happy to be validated that someone actually one) read my blog two) sent me a comment to let me know I am validated while giving away prizes:) ...more

Not Going to Panic! AM NOT!

The last couple of months have been pretty uhm shall we say stressful - and why did I allow it to become so stressful?  Because i am made of flesh.  No excuses here - i should have stood firm on this from the very beginning.  But I allowed the evil one to creep in and tell me that I am going down again.   But I am not going down.  Let me back up a minute and fill you in on the details.   ...more

Don'ts When Interviewing for a Job from a Receptionist

    By night I blog but by day I am an office manager. I started as a receptionist and by a stroke of great luck I was promoted to administrative assistant which lead me to office manager.  Despite the title, I am still a receptionist.  My desk is in the lobby, I greet people, schedule rooms, and let vendors in. Well, all that plus more but for a good portion of the day I am a receptionist. I happen to love my job but like any great jobs there are certain aspects that are not my favorite.  Greeting people coming for an interview is one of those things.  Don't get me wrong, I work with some fantastic people who once came for an interview but there is a fairly large percentage of would be employees who don't make the cut and I can usually tell their outcome based on how they treat me. ...more

Understanding Your Employment Ad

As an unemployed job hunter, one of the skills I have had to acquire is how to read between the lines of employment advertisements.  While the want ads hardly qualify as great literature, having been a college English major has turned out to be an asset in interpreting what can often seem like a foreign language.  The wording of many ads contains much in the way of subtext and subtlety, simile and symbolism, all of which lends itself to the same style of explication de texte as is a work of poetry....more

Fighting for the Perfect Job

If you can't say anything nice ... Momble!...more

Spooky Style

Dear blogging world, I find myself on the brink of a new career. After many moons of being a jobless statistic, I have a job starting tonight in a few hours. I am going to be a spook girl for about two weeks. This should allow me enough money to put gas in my car, to pay part of the rent and maybe, if I'm lucky, buy some fresh produce. This is a new, semi-local, haunted ride for both children and adults. I will post further thoughts on this after tonight's dry run (literally). I get paid to run and scream that is my job description. We'll see how it goes....more