"Time heals the wounds that no one can see." - Todd Rundgren ...more

How Far

I haven't been on here in ages. My life has been so hectic and so much has happened. I had two job interviews which didn't work out. One was at an animal shelter and another was at a nursing facility. At first I was really disappointed because they where good opportunities and things I really wanted to do. but, now I realize that everything works out for the best and I know that the right opportunity will come along. I started school and am working towards getting my GED and also taking college classes. I am feeling like I'm in a more productive place ...more

Making My Own Green Peace

Today, a summer Sunday, my morning started slowly with a gloom over it. Nothing serious, just work again. As I drank my coffee on the back patio, my head just felt heavy. ...more

Medical Billing - The process to benefit billing solutions

Medical Billing - The process to benefit billing solutions Are you devoting your time on practice administration more than patient care? Or your operating costs are increasing rapidly? Outsourcing Medical billing is the integrated solution to these problems. ...more

Is the Way You Use Social Media Hurting Your Career?

Every time I read an article like the recent "How social media can hurt your career" on Careerbuilder, I am grateful that we didn't have social media back when I was in college. Young, testing the waters, and with a lot of opinions to share, I wonder if I would have unknowingly committed a faux pas in the weakness of a heated moment that would have hurt me professionally? ...more

My facebook page in particular is a private page that only my friends can see, I can't ...more

London Calling: My ill-fated call-centre interview

I went for an interview at a call-centre. I know. I know. But when the going gets tough, the tough'll do anything to stay afloat. That's what I tell myself. And being a foreigner and a job-seeker in the midst of credit crunch hysteria – melancholy so severe and so adored by Londoners that advertisers city-wide use it for rhymes and puns – I can't even splurge for the discounted 'Credit Crunch Lunch'. It's a blessing really, that food in England has the reputation it does. Basically, if I can trade my time for money, I'll do just about anything until I can find a real job – one that's somehow, even mildly related to anything I learned during 8 years of university. Getting hired by an inbound call-centre is harder than I'd anticipated. From a customer's perspective, it seemed anyone could get a job at one of these places. Anyone with the aptitude to speak a language and don a headset. Anyone with the ability to read a sales script like a robot and put me on hold. But it's just not that easy. ...more

What?! You Forgot to Credit My Blog!?

Dearest, darlingest, G.P. Putnam,Right now I am so upset that my hands are shaking. My mind is racing, my heart is pounding. I can hardly type.On the one hand, I am flattered, G.P.! Flattered that author Debra Ollivier chose to excerpt my blog in her soon-to-be published-by-you book What French Women Know. On the other hand I am having a heck of a time calming myself down. Pacing. Rattled. Why? ...more

How this turns out. Keep us informed.

Virginia DeBolt

Career & Interviewing skills

I mentor a few people at work and sometimes I am surprised to find that a lot of things that I take for granted are really not being thought about. I recently read an inspiring post on a web analytics blog I follow and ended up building my own post based on that. I've tried to summarize the three key things that I think have helped me in my career - these are also the intangibles that help you stand out in your job and give you that extra oomph in a job interview. Hopefully, these can help a few people who are in the interview loop right now. ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part VI: Prepare to be HATED

What happens when you love the idea of listening to people's complaints and working with others to solve them, but you don't get to interview for that job? Instead, you have to convince several thousand people that they should trust that you will listen to them and have a good enough brain to come up with and implement solutions.  And then, that persuasion effort involves walking up to strangers, extending your hand and possibly being told that you are hated just because you want to work in government. Would you still go after that job? ...more

Read this article that reinforces what my friend meant ...more

How to gracefully go from 6 figure salary to WIC in 90 days

"There are bless­ings in a storm." "There's always a sil­ver lining." "Things can't get worse." "At least you've got your health." ...more

see you on the front lines Holly. you are my hero today! and this too shall pass.