The REAL Unemployment Rate


Why I Need A Job Real Bad


My Friend Penelope

My friend Penelope.... I sent my friend Penelope my website link the other night. I told her about being surprised at seeing web books and job search articles mentioning getting a website and creating a 'web presence'. I told her how I felt about it. I told her how it so surprised me to hear “get a Facebook account”....and “if you don't have a website, why not?” and on and on about how awkward it feels to be writing websites about yourself....more

“Modernizing” Unemployment: What the National Press Isn’t Saying

 It’s national news that today there are now new stimulus funds for extended unemployment benefits, tax credits for first-time homebuyers, newer homeowners, and expanded laws providing refunds for drained businesses. What’s not being reported nationally?...more

When Choosing Education or A Career

It is unfortunate but at times we must choose a career that might not always be our dream to pursue. During economic global times and job lay offs, we must choose a career that is being sought after. In order to financially support our families and homes, this is the choice most intelligent people seek. ...more

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7 Tips for Return to Work Moms

Are Women Too Demoralized to Fight, Or Just Catching Their Breath?

In a powerful article in the Harvard Business Review called “Women and the Labyrinth of Leadership” authors and researchers Drs. Alice Eagly and Linda Carli explore women, leadership and gender equality, and observe that “signs of a pause in progress toward gender equality have appeared on many fronts.”  They speculate about the causes of this slowing of progress, and indicate: ...more

When did my age and experience become a liability?

This is the question I've been asking myself since the other night while reading an article linked to one one of my associate's websites. The writer was giving advice on job searching in "todays' economy" (already a pretty depressing topic) and suggested that anyone over the age of 40 should be worried about taking ten years off their "image" because they can't take ten years off their age....more

The Accidental Manager: In some train wrecks you may be the train!

When talking about workplace “traumas” from senior management to the front desk, a common theme is ineffective managers and why they exist. Frequent complaints center on promotions stemming from seniority only, office politics or some other ‘What Duh?’ advancement that is more mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle....more