The Accidental Manager: In some train wrecks you may be the train!

When talking about workplace “traumas” from senior management to the front desk, a common theme is ineffective managers and why they exist. Frequent complaints center on promotions stemming from seniority only, office politics or some other ‘What Duh?’ advancement that is more mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle....more

All Those "What If’s"

I know I can’t doubt myself.  Well, okay, I can doubt myself, but I can’t really allow those thoughts to affect me.  It is crazy all the what if statement’s I can come up with right now.  One of the big ones is: "What if I don’t like who I find"...more

Moved to a new city and trying to make it home

Hi everyone I am new to  I thought I would post to what is going on in my life right now and maybe you will have some suggestions for me or could relate to what I am going through.I am 23 and recently made some major life changes and feel anxious and stressed out about it all also feel very home sick....more

I know what you're going through. My husband son and I moved to Texas from the island of ...more

A Reaction to the Shriver Report: Women's Voices For Change

by Diane Vacca, for Women's Voices For Change ...more

I went through to Women's Voices for Change and read your most excellent article, then ...more

Breast Cancer Awareness Month & The Women We Honor

My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. She had a mastectomy at a time when I was too young to even understand what that meant....more

Networking For Women

As seasoned entrepreneurs, we realize that without a positive professional reputation we aren’t going to get very far. For any new entrepreneur, establishing an excellent reputation is not something that is achieved overnight. It is the product of consistently good behavior, over time, and it is earned. Whether you realize it or not, you started to lay the groundwork for your professional reputation the day you began your very first job. You began to build that reputation through your actions. A good reputation is important no matter what kind of business you have or are working toward....more

Unemployment and Healthcare Talk

The past Thursday marked the culmination of a very exciting 10 days at The "Nick Lachey Dream Dinner Date Charity Auction" pulled in $10,600!...more

Top Women Boost the Bottom Line - Is Your Company at Risk of an Exodus?

We've heard the saying "if women were in charge of this it'd be so much better" and laughed it off as just our own gender bias speaking. Yet some recent studies show that there may be some fact to this statement. And, that is reason to give companies pause as they face an increased risk of these valuable women leaving their jobs. ...more

>being really excellent employees to the point where companies either change their ...more

I'm Not The Career Type

Monster offers a resume writing service. You can submit your resume to them and they will magically transform any irrelevant or non essential job skills and work history into something that employers will be interested in hiring you for....more

I work from home with a company that manufactures products that we’re already ...more

First post!!!!!

Helllooooo people!  welcome to my first post! I'm is excited about doing this... that probably gives you your first clue about my little life... nothing much happens that one could call exciting. To sum myself up in a (long) sentence, I'm a early-twenties married mum to a 4 and a half month old, from england but living in canada, and looking desperately and somewhat hopelessly for a job.  Any job.  If you are in Saint John, Canada and are looking for a top- class employee, I am her.  :)...more

I am pretty new to blogging as well and I really enjoy it. So far my experience with Blogher ...more