Overcome Mom Guilt and Fear

MyWorkButterfly.com, has conducted a National Mom’s Survey and we thank those of you who have taken the time to complete it. The idea was/is to learn more about you, as moms and to design the most resourceful site to fit your needs. What we learned from a large majority of you is that GUILT is the number one obstacle preventing you from returning to work....more

Should You Turn Down a Job Offer if You're Unemployed?

Last week I was at a networking meeting and one of the women there works as a recruiter helping match potential employers who have a need with people who need and want to work. You'd think in this economy and the corresponding levels of unemployment that she would be the holy grail for many. Not so. She explained that one of her biggest problems are people who come for interviews, get offered jobs, and then decide to decline because they would rather stay home and collect unemployment for a while. This situation has her nearly insane! ...more
I applied for a job recently. The description isn't what I'm really looking for. But if I don't ...more

Tired of Being BROKE!

Today I am mad!  And sad...I am wondering if my decision 9 years ago to be a stay at home mom was the right choice?  Deep down, I know it was, but I am tired of struggling financially all of the time and feel guilty that my husband has all of the stress of being the only provider on his shoulders. ...more

Lying About Your Compensation

Recently, the OIWC addressed and offered suggestions on the sticky and sometimes uncomfortable conversation about compensation during an interview process (membership required). This past week, I’ve encountered a situation that I had to share:...more

Where did my money go?

Holy Excrement, Batman! Where did my paycheck disappear to?! I swear it was in the bank just yesterday and now it’s gone! WTF? ...more

Laid Off: Your First 10 Days of Unemployment

A few months ago when good friend was laid off I created these daily assignments to help keep her motivated. It was also an orderly way to impart knowledge gained during my own job search. Use these as your own daily assignments or share with a friend in need. Your first 10 days of unemployment: ...more

Are You Choosing Fear or Faith?

This question, if applied every day will radically shift your life and your results. While at first glance it might seem a little "fluffy" for the business realm, if you've been buying into the recession, waiting for someone to save you, or letting the job climate hold you hostage, it's time to put this question into your decision matrix arsenal. ...more

We don't know we have it in us until we're willing to or are forced to tap into that ...more

Charity Muggers or Charity Lovers: What do you think of street fundraisers?

There are two kinds of clipboards. The kind my boyfriend likes using to interview celebrities and festival goers, which attract 5-minute fame-seekers like free money, and the kind I've been issued for my new temporary job, which makes even grown men jump into traffic-heavy streets to avoid me.That's the power I wield. ...more

Camcoder FREE

My son just enlisted in the service and I would love to send him with great camcorder /camera.   God Bless America............... ...more

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