Paying it Forward

One of the things I love best about the middle school my girls attend is their focus on service and community. They are encouraged to find something they are passionate about, big or small, and use that energy to connect with others and make a difference in the world. ...more

Sunday Good: In Honor of #IWD2014

Once a week I want to take time to highlight a non-profit organization that is doing amazing work in the community, whether it's locally-based or spans the globe. This space will also serve as an opportunity to keep up-to-date with news from these organizations so that I/we can stay engaged and informed....more

Being World Changers

"If history is full of scoundrels who have caused - and are causing - economic, political, and cultural injustices to be visited on others, it is also full of people who have worked and are working to overcome them." - Achieving Social Justice: A Christian Perspective by Ronald J. WilkinsI have been reading this (quite old) textbook on Christians and social justice and this quote (and really the whole section it's in) just really struck me....more

Get your Vote on. Facebook Style

 The voting is open.  On Friday, Facebook began allowing users to vote on changes in the social networking giant’s privacy policy (what it calls its’ “data usage policy”).   Voting will remain open until June 8, 2012 at 9:00am PDT.  With nearly one billion users, Facebook is larger than most countries.  Every day millions of us log in to tell the world where we are and what we are doing.  We all know Facebook collects this information but what we are a little sketchy on is what they do with it.  The data usage policy explains how Facebook...more

President Obama: Step Away From Our Charities

President Obama claims to not want to solve the nation’s financial crisis on the “backs of the needy”. Yet by cutting allowable contributions to charity, through his new jobs bill, he will do precisely that. Who does President Obama think is reliant upon non-profits if not the “needy”?...more
it's part of the 95% rule...most charitible contributions are on the up and up and deserve to be ...more

The HOPE Survey

I was lucky enough to participate in the HOPE Survey this year – or The Homeless Outreach Population Estimate. Basically, it’s a survey done by the Department of Homeless Services in NYC that counts the number of homeless people living in every borough of the city. Volunteers sign up for different areas and then just walk the streets/public spaces to ask every person if they want to take a survey on their housing situation. The results are used for evaluation and programming purposes to further help NYC’s homeless population....more

I'm Sort of Connected to a Nobel Peace Prize

Today I found out that a charity I have volunteered with for the last two years has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. WOW. I am so thrilled with this news! Wings of Hope is a truly wonderful organization that deserves all of the attention and honor this nomination brings. They are on a short list of 150 nominees, and I sincerely hope that they are awarded the prize in September....more

Testimonial Sponsorships

I work part-time from home, booking groups at hotels...a recent career switch to provide my family with maximum flexibility and hopefully, a somewhat steady income. Not to mention the travel benefits.However my career has been spent in marketing, working and volunteering for corporate America (too soul-killing), government (too red tape-y), non-profits (loved it, but where's the money? On that note, read Dan Pallotta's book, "Uncharitable." Great stuff.)...more

Why Animal Transports Work

There has been a recent assertion that transporting animals from one place to another simply reassigns the task of euthanasia to the receiving entity. That is not the case with our program or any reliable program that I am familiar with for the following reasons. The receiving entity must be legitimate and actually want the pets. We send small dogs to locations that have none, but, do have a demand for them. The result is that there is usually a line at the shelter waiting to adopt them before the plane reaches the gate, and, that they are in homes very quickly....more

Quilts (and blankets) for Comfort

Hi! I'm new here....more