Getting started and not so random thoughts on becoming a new mom

So, I've often thought about blogging... putting the slightly organized thoughts running through my head down on paper. (you know what I mean).  But, would anyone really care what I thought?  What would I write about?  I just had a baby, so, I've thought about writing about the labor and delivery.  But, really, isn't everyone tired of hearing other women's stories.  Doesn't everyone already know about the evils of pitosin and a long delivery? ...more

Do Schools Promote Sexual Discrimination?

School just started and so once again we are buying school supplies, reviewing school rules, and signing enough papers to cause hand cramps. As my son laid out his school bag for the next morning, he said something that surprised me, "Do you think boys should be allowed to carry purses?" I didn't know how to respond. Was he wanting to make a fashion statement or was he just doing a little research to win an argument? ...more

Kathi is so right on with this blog.  My name is Bruce Sallan and I write a dad's column ...more

The shame of an honor killing in the making

If you listen carefully these days, you can hear an honor killing being plotted in Saudi Arabia. This honor killing isn’t being planned by a father, a brother or a member of the extended family, but by the people of Saudi Arabia. By Saudi Arabia herself. ...more Partner Organizations Honored

Several partner organization leaders and executives are on a list of top association leaders and non-profit executives from CEO Update, the publication that covers executive careers in association, nonprofits and professional societies. ...more

Planned Parenthood Movement Building: Leadership, Engagement, Stories, and Platform for Self-Organizing

Source: Planned Parenthood Fan Page Profile Photos Allison Fine and I have been busy working on a book about how social media and connectedness is changing the way nonprofits are creating social change.   Earlier this week, we had an amazing conversation with Planned Parenthood's president, Cecile Richards ...more

Community Funded Reporting: Interview with David Cohn of

"You cannot run a community if you're not informed. Journalism is really the act of informing communities so that they can make better decisions, that is part of the public service, informing communities so that together we can know where else we need to help." --David Cohn, Founder, ...more

What will the museum of the future look like?

Late last year, the American Association of Museums released a discussion paper titled Museums & Society 2034: Trends and Potential Futures. The report looked back 25 years to 1984 as it predicted what museums will look like 25 years from now. Specifically, the 20-page report examined "demographic trends, changes in the geopolitical and economic landscape, shifts in technology and communications, and the rise of new cultural expectations." ...more

13 Tips for Mobilizing Online Action

On Monday night I went to a great event, Money, Mobs, and Media: Mobilizing Action for Change, presented by The Hub Bay Area. The panelists were Matt Flannery of, Steve Newcomb of Virgance, and Ben Rattray of Regina Connell of SaltCellar moderated. ...more

The Timorese President is in Town

Tuesday, Jul 07 2009 Jose Ramos Horta on East Timor & Western Sahara [World Politics] -  vitalingus - @ 11:50:am President Jose Ramos-Horta of East Timor is in Melbourne ...more