Just learning

So I am new to this site and I am learning.  So a little about me, well, I've been married since I was almost 19, one month before.  It was a pretty quick decision to marry my husband but it was the best decision, except for becoming reborn.  I have two absolutely wonderful little boys, Aiden and Josiah.  I cannot imagine life without there smiles and "back rubs."  My son Aiden is a chatter-box and is always telling me what he is doing or asking me questions about everything.  I love to read, write, and watch classic movies.  I am a huge fan of 19th centur...more

Haiti Earthquake - You Can Help

Haiti Earthquake DisasterThe earthquake in Haiti is tragic and incomprehensible .Haiti is a place where misery is an everyday condition and disasters -- of both the natural and man-caused variety -- are not uncommon. At best, the government has made only halting progress toward improving the lives of its citizens....more

How to Help Haitian Earthquake Survivors

The people of Haiti are going to need a lot of help after today's 7.0 earthquake. You can see photos of some of the damage as they come in on PicFog.Below is a quick list of organizations asking for donations. If you know of other ways to help, please post ideas in the comments. I'm particularly interested in hearing about grassroots organizations. ...more

Hi all, 

I've come across a blog where people affected by the earthquake can share ...more

Some Exciting Knowbility News

The New Year brings some fantastic Knowbility events that I want to make you aware of, so that you may either participate, or help us spread the word.  First is our 9th annual ...more

I've been to some Knowbility workshops myself and can tell you that they are wonderful. A ...more

Cultivating Food Entrepreneurs: Interview with Patricia Loya of La Cocina

"Fast forward four years later, she's the owner of her own company. Business is booming. She's growing her business . we can't fast forward to three generations from now, but the trajectory of her family, I guarantee you, has been changed forever."Early last month I chatted with Executive Director, Patricia Loya, about La Cocina, a San Francisco incubator kitchen for women....more

Journey Through the Peace Corps: Letters from Mozambique

by Alice Pettway...more

Favorite Have Fun Do Good Books of 2009

Below is my 5th annual list of favorite do-good books that I read in 2009, but this year I'm calling it my Have Fun Do Good Book list. Wahoo! You can also check out my lists from 2005-2008:Favorite Do-Good Books of 2008Favorite Do-Good Books of 2007Favorite Do-Good Books of 2006...more

sir edmund hiliary has nothing to worry about

i made a vow after climbing kili (that's mt. kilimanjaro!!) to never do this again without thread count at the end of the day.  have kept the thread count commitment but i gotta say, am seriously vowing to NEVER again attempt such INSANE feats!!!!!...more

TED:where think tank leaders become video stars

TED:where think tank leaders become video stars ...more

Wanna Go to Davos? Pitch Your Cause on YouTube

Do you think your organization, or cause should be represented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland? Make your pitch in a YouTube video by January 4, 2010.According to the Official YouTube blog post, One Week to Make Your Pitch to Attend Davos!:...more