Figuring it out...

We have new headsets in the office.It’s official I am now a time-life operator wanna-be.if it will work or not it is a different story.It was the equivalent of folding flap a into b.The problem was that there were a million subsets that went with it.So if you can reach me on the office line, you know I did good.If not, call my cell….lol...more

Back to life as we know it...

It was kind of nice having five whole days in a row not checking in at the office.It’s over.I would like to make it in to work tomorrow,and it will truly be challenging, as they are calling for an inch an hour snowfall between 3 a.m. and 11 a.m……uh-huh..AGAIN! In honor of this forecast, I am calling it a night in order to get a good night’s sleep.By the way, throw in a dental appointment tomorrow ,too!Catch you in the morning....more

4 Clichéd Holiday Office Party Themes It’s Time to Retire

It’s that time of the year again -– time to deck the halls, get the chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and let it snow for the company holiday party. And while there are certain parts of the office party everyone looks forward to, there are also those that are much less anticipated and need to be retired ASAP....more
I've only worked at 1 company in the past 15 years that had theme parties. I didn't even attend ...more

The 5 Best Bosses to Dress Up As on Halloween

As the CEO of my own company, it’s nice to be able to switch it up on Halloween each year and dress up in an outfit that’s less like a boss and more like a superhero. But while this is my own personal preference, I know there are plenty of infamous bosses, both on TV and in the movies, who have an incredible sense of style that’s easy to emulate and instantly recognizable. If you’re still looking for a last minute costume for the office, try dressing up as one of these fearless (and in some cases, fearsome) leaders!Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)...more

Itchy fingers

We seem to go in spurts in this office regarding office theft. A few weeks ago, it was earphones and chargers.This morning I noticed my I phone charger is gone.I would pray to Saint Anthony,but I KNOW where I had left it on Thursday…. I guess it will come to the point of bringing in pencil and eraser and two Tropicana orange juice cans and string for a phone. **sigh** ...more

Where I Create: My Studio

My project for the weekend was to get my studio more organized. I finally hung everything on walls; it's all been sitting on the floor since we moved last June. So happy!...more
I love your studio space. I usually work in my kitchen.more

How to Be Professional

What does it mean to be professional? That term is open to interpretation. When you're first out of school, however, you're not quite sure what to do. Here's a great list of 40 harsh realities and best practices to help you be more professional (or at least fake it) from Kim Z Dale on Listing Toward Forty. ...more
@30ishMom I wish everyone would post this in their offices.more

How to Keep Your Work Space Festive All Year Round

Now that the holiday season has been over for a few weeks and all of the decorations have been packed up to use next year, it’s easy to notice that office desks look a little less festive than what we all got used to in December. Desk decorations add an element of fun to working in the winter months leading up to spring and can also serve as helpful motivation to making the day and the task at hand pass by quickly as well as help us retain our focus....more

Vandalia Arrives Bearing Gifts

The next day Vandalia paid us a surprise visit. She stood outside the screen door to the office and kicked it lightly. Jason hustled to let her in. Van entered bearing a gift. A shiny silver cake pan draped in a pretty checked cloth. She kept her eyes on the fabric as she walked over to Mom O’s side of the desk and deposited the baked good on top of her phone message pad.             “This is for you, Mom O’Dell,” she said. She still didn’t make eye contact....more

Are You Bored at Work?

Have you ever been bored out of your mind on the job?  If so you know it can be incredibly stressful. Even more so than a fast-paced, high demanding workplace.  So why does the stress of boredom get swept under the rug? You would think that in a time where jobs are scarce and the attitude “I’m just grateful to have a job, any job” is prevalent that boredom would be the least of our worries.  Yet, apparently, boredom is spreading. ...more
This is true... and it makes me really sad! Ideally, I think employers and employees should work ...more