Family practice doctors: duties, requirements and salary

The primary objective of family practice doctors is to provide required care for the patients in a specific area. In order to become a qualified family practice doctor, a person has to complete attending medical school and go through an internship that is related to family care. Before the doctors start working on available doctor jobs, it is important for them to obtain the license by the medical board....more

Sometimes charts make me sad

I hate to bum you out on a Friday, but if you are a working woman, you have to see this. On this link from the Wall Street Journal is a chart showing how women earn less than men in 439 of the 446 major U.S. jobs....more

Which Kind of Fish Would You Rather Be?

I did a phone interview for a new job a couple of weeks ago. (Shh!) If my boss happens to be reading this, I didn't get advanced to the second round of interviews, which is actually alright with me. The job was with a national nonprofit, which I feel may be the next step in my career trajectory, so I thought I might as well interview for the position for the experience, if nothing else....more

Subject Line: WFH

It usually happens on a Friday or a Monday. I'll be in the office, waiting for my email program to start, and they will start to filter in: The Working From Home messages. ...more

Designers vs Developers: Salaries Around The Globe (INFOGRAPHIC)

Working in the web business must be very interesting and it can be exciting to be part of the conception of a website or a program that helped building the brand-new iOS 7, for example. It takes several people to design and develop a project and they all are indispensable to achieving the perfect website. As a matter of fact, IT jobs are more and more in demand with the growing popularity of the internet....more

The Importance of Learning How To Negotiate Salary

Failure to negotiate my salary was costing me too much, so I changed my approach, and started earning what I was worth. ...more
I'm terrible at it and it keeps biting me in the butt. However, I'm good at asking for raises ...more

My New York Internship: The Job That Was Not a Job

I was making, roughly, $70 a night as a waitress. Two hundred dollars sounded amazing. This sounded like a golden opportunity hovering in the air, just waiting for me to seize it. ... Part of the Women @ Work series, sponsored by AFL-CIO. ...more
If only you could share their real details so that others could avoid the same fate!more

Just Give Newark Teachers A Raise

I fully support all 3,300 Newark school teachers and all teachers in America. They have one of the most important jobs in the country teaching the 37,000 school children in Newark (from I however disagree with the merit pay passed yesterday based on student performance....more


I left my job approximately 2 years ago to start a new career... the new, exciting and bewildering job of Mom. I was a professional in my past life, an event planner, working for a university and guaranteed, at least at that current salary, to never make enough money to cover the cost of daycare. And especially guaranteed to never make as much as my husband. So I left, with no real intention of returning to the workforce anytime soon. ...more
I am in my fifties now, but I have been there, in the same spot you speak of. I gave up my ...more

Adventures in Growing Up: Salary Negotiation

I've never really negotiated my salary before. In part, that's because the only job I've ever been offered for that I realized had a too-low starting salary was my first one out of college, and I was in no place to refuse any work at that point. In part, though, it's been because the idea of negotiation makes me uncomfortable. With women still at something less than 80 cents to the male dollar, it's a big deal. ...more

I'm out of work at present yet I turned down a job recently because their offer was way too low. ...more