I'm Sorry What's the Plan Now?

The fact that I'm not writing to you from my local BURN unit right now is a miracle. You see I put the oven on 425 degrees (I'm telling you "degrees" just in case you thought it was pounds) and walked away. After ten minutes, I opened the broiler because that is where the pan was and proceeded to use my bare hands to try and remove it from said broiler so that I might put it in the oven. ...more

Fight the recession as a team.

Stress levels are on the rise. And we know that during times of pressure and stress, men isolate and women connect. In some of the saddest cases, the distress and fear of failure, layoffs and social isolation have led to heart attacks, strokes and even suicides. Literally, the financial crisis is breaking hearts, according to health.com. ...more

Women May Soon Be Majority of Workforce

A full three weeks before the front page of The New York Times blared As Layoffs Surge, Women May Pass Men in Job Force, their own economic blogger, Casey B. Mulligan broke the news to blog readers: women are, for the first time, more than 49% of the workforce. ...more

Yes I think so..http://moneymakemachine.blogspot.com

Lilly Ledbetter Has Her Day

Obama signs Fair Pay Restoration Act -Megan Southwick, BettyConfidential.com ...more

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act - SIGNED!

President Obama just signed this morning the bill that protects everyone from pay discrimination. A BIG step for WOMEN and minorities! History has been made today.The following information is from the White House Blog: ...more

Ending Wage Discrimination

By Lisa Grafstein ...more

The decision of a lifetime...

Torn between two loves, the comfort of having a job and being happy. In this situation, I always say happiness comes first. One of my favorite realisms is: You never have to stay in a bad situation. It can apply to any situation and carries a lot of power. ...more

Living Abroad and Maid Wages

A good friend of mine used to joke that "only boring women keep clean houses," and being anything but boring myself, I have always vowed to pay someone to do my cleaning if I could ever afford to do so. But I got a rude awakening when I triumphantly posted in my Livejournal that I'm paying my new maid 500 ringgit a month for eight hours a week of labor. To see my actual cost, divide that by 3.5. When I posted that blog, I did so with the idea that my American friends would be jealous, a rare occasion because having a maid is one of the few perks of living in Malaysia. ...more

Women's Issues, Obama the Feminist and the 111th Congress

The Ms. Special Winter 2009 Inaugural Issue is now out with a cover image of President-elect Barack Obama wearing a t-shirt that says, "This is what a feminist looks like." From a media advisory prepared by Ms.: ...more

Your blog post came up on my feed this AM, and I thought you might be interested in seeing ...more

Lilly Ledbetter’s Courageous Acts Pump Up Your Pocketbook

Hey, Women: Want to earn a cool half million? That’s about what the average woman loses over a career lifetime due to gender inequities in pay for the same jobs as men. ...more