Thoughts for Entrepreneurs

NoteStream™, like so many entrepreneurial ventures, was created to fill a void. The idea took root while I tediously searched on my smartphone for information about French wine. I wanted articles that were credible, weren’t summaries, but were formatted for reading on a smartphone. After realizing that mobile had yet to deliver on this surprisingly simple request, NoteStream was born. I’ve since learned a great deal about French wine—but that’s not all I’ve learned....more

learning to be okay with sucking (and letting go of the comfort of success)

So almost 6 months into the full time start-up gig and I'll have friends ask me if I miss my former life.  By that I can only mean the stable, predictable, plannable, co-worker plentiful life.  Where I knew exactly what it would take to succeed and do my job well and be considered successful and accomplished....more

Do I Need to Invest in Technology for My Start-Up?

When I started my cupcake business in November 2012 I used three things to get me going – my laptop, a £20.00 hand-whisk and a second-hand mobile phone.  It takes very little by way of investment in technology to start most businesses these days - maybe this is why in November 2012 alone over 9000 start-ups were born in the UK?  One thing holding many of us back from starting that freedom business...more

Buy and Sell Digital Documents Online

If you own your own business, you know just how hard it is to create business systems from scratch. Those everyday systems that make your business go are crucial to your success, yet you don't want to spend time reinventing the wheel....more

How to Do Crowd-Sourcing Right

Last week I attended the Annual Meeting of the IAB -- the trade organization for online publishers and advertisers. I was particularly inspired by the opening keynote, provided by PepsiCo's Chief Engagement Officer, Frank Cooper. Just his title alone made me think that the company (a BlogHer sponsor and advertiser) has been rethinking media from the inside out. ...more

I always wondered what I liked about that video. Of course, Courney Cox was a plant--that ...more

10 Things to Do Before You Start Your Own Business

So, you're sitting in your cubicle feeling trapped and thinking, "I just want to get the heck outta here and start my own business." That can be a liberating feeling. I've been there. That said, just hating your job is not a strategy, and you really do want to get some things in order -- on the inside (of you) and the outside -- before you make the leap. So, if you only do 10 things before you make the career transition from employee to entrepreneur ... do these. ...more

Midnightbliss -- starting a biz while you have a paycheck is a GREAT time to do so.  I ...more

Welcome Design Junkies

Hello, welcome to Design Box. So this is my first post ... let me take some time to introduce myself....more

Smartphones - Productivity Tool or Time-Suck?

I admit it. I must be the only techie person left on the planet who doesn't have a smartphone. I have a cell-phone, I've texted, and I've even accessed the Internet from my tiny, tiny phone for a desperate sports score check or weather scoop when traveling, but I don't have a shiny smartphone. Why? I haven't decided yet if it would be a productivity tool for my business or a simple, expensive, time-suck. ...more

Thanks to the BlackBerry Bold, I'm no longer reduced to talking on the phone....Like an ...more