Wolf Woman

I glanced around the Doc’s walls. He is related to me by marriage and I had met him once before. UW Doctorate degree…Honors Medical Society…lookin’ good so far. He must know his stuff. He walked in and grinned at me, hands on his hips for a moment. “Dasha…I was hoping to see you again some other way-not this way!” “I know. Crazy, huh? You know, I felt a little young to be in here when I walked into the waiting room.” He chuckled and commented that I was definitely one of his youngest patients. Lucky me....more

Mama Dilemma

  Mama Dilemma ...more

We Affect Others With Almost Everything We Do

When I was 11,  I cut the grass in my family's yard all by myself for the first time. Tired and sweaty, I was so proud. A family friend drove into the driveway just as I was finishing. His first words out of the car were “You missed a spot behind the shrubs.” I was crushed. Why hadn’t he noticed the rest of the four acres that I had completed correctly with so much sweat and effort? I suppose his eye was trained to look for the imperfect spot. I never wanted to cut the grass again.   ...more

The sacrifices you make as a parent - and the ones you won't

Being a parent is all about making sacrifices, I understand that. My role as a mother defines so many aspects of my life – where I live, how I work and how I socialise. And as a single mother, my children also impact on my ability to form new, serious relationships. (At least that’s what I hope the issue is). It can be sad sometimes to see potential partners pass you by, but it is ultimately a sacrifice I am prepared to make. ...more

Sometimes C Work is Good Enough

My boss said that to me once.  And it really stayed with me.  We are all raised being told that you have to do your best and excel and be an A student.  Nothing I disagree with.  But then you get into the real world and realize that just isn't real life.  Sometimes, C work is good enough.  And sometimes, C work is actually really, really good. ...more

Women birth the world

Monday, Aug 25 2008...more

10 Ways to Add More Meaning to Your Days

I can talk all about 10 ways to be more productive, find more time in your day, boost your bottom line, or simply get more and they would give you benefit. Yet as I was thinking about which "10" I wanted to write about today, I decided to get to the meat of the matter and talk about 10 ways you could add more meaning to your days. That means more meaning in your business or professional life and more meaning in general.  ...more

I'm a 30 yr old working mom who is caught in between providing for my family and ...more