Money Matters in Relationships

From An Anonymous “Woman On The Fence”...more

80 percent chance of stress. sigh.

I just took an online stress test and scored a 431. Anything over 300 means a high probability of stress-related illness. My probability was 80 percent. Is bitchiness considered a stress-related illness?...more

Time Management Tips: Simple Tricks For Busy Schedules

If you are like me, days just seem to FLY by! Whoosh... where did they go?  ...more

I checked my email, twitter and IMed someone. Distrations? What distractions? ...more

Punished for Taking Too Long a Maternity Leave? Blame Feminism.

The blogger Well-heeled brought my attention to this new study with the stunning question: “Could the U.S.’s lack of policy mandating paid maternity leave actually help women’s careers?” I’m going to blame second wave feminism for the fact that we are even having this conversation- and having it over, and over again....more

To me, issuing the challenge seems to imply that only people in business are ...more

Women in Small Business Start-Up

The Center for Women's Business Research and the National Women's Business Council have come out with a study that shows the impact of women-owned business in America, and it's an encouraging number.  Close to 3 Trillion dollars which further translates to 23 million jobs....more

A Sink Full of Dirty Dishes To Be Cleaned

How did I get here?  With my 24th birthday soon approaching, I can't help but to think a piece of my youth is not dead, but hiding.  It all started when I moved back home from Memphis, TN.  Shortly after I met, married, and had a beatiful son with my now husband.  I sit here at a job that I am lucky to have in these hard times, but know that it will take me nowhere.  I'm trying to juggle school, a new baby, work, a household, and my sanity, but it seems as if my sanity tips the scale and it's the first to go.  ...more

Things I will probably never do in Life.

My name is Stephanie Pyke, and there are things I will never do in life.   At the tender age of thirty, which is supposed to be the new twenty, but employers regard as the new sixty,  I find myself the recipient of three degrees, unemployed, close to $100,000 in school debt, married, childless and without insurance other than what is demanded by law. ...more

A Special Assignment: Caring for My Mother

by Julie Danis...more

Finding My Way In An Economic Downturn

By Guest Blogger, Tamara Arbeiter I was recently laid off from my job. The Record of Employment I just received in the mail stated “Economic reasons” for my departure.  As company policy goes, I was asked to leave immediately.  Comforted only by the fact that a handful of very senior executives were also laid off that day, I packed up my desk, grabbed my kids’ photos and artwork and left, without time for goodbyes....more

Tamara, one of the best things about being a woman who has had a successful career and who ...more

Charity: Do Your Gifts Make Recipients Feel Loved or Judged?

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