How to balance love and work: the case for 9 to 5

Apparently, a relationship between an academic and a non-academic is doomed from the start. ...more

From a Mother's Heart

It seems like only yesterday that I held my new born son in my arms--where have the years gone by? It was only a few years ago that he started nursery school and now he is now ending one chapter in his life and beginning a new one.  His commencement  was a beautiful event. The principal's message was very eloquent - part of it included this beautiful passage ...more

sunday's sentiments

Technically, due to our awesome extra vacation furlough, I do not go back to work until Wednesday but with so much to do and (now) only three official days to get it done... ...more

Obama's education plan asks schools to compete for money

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama issued a challenge to educators, school districts, and states: improve education in your region, and you could see some significant funding increases. Among his administration's plans: providing money to cover the unfunded mandates of No Child Left Behind. ensuring that NCLB's mandates don't result in a only a regime of high-stakes tests; schools should provide a holistic education, including "visual arts, drama, and music." ...more

After teaching for several years, I honestly believe one of the problems is the federal ...more

The Art of Presentation – Speaker and Presentation Bloggers

There will be common elements between all of the presenters in that there will be a structure of some form. It is a skill that can be taught by people who have information and the gift of teaching. It is also something that can be learned if you find the right resources. Let me introduce you to a few of the bloggers who help others to give great speeches and presentations. The first two I met during PresentationCamp Los Angeles. I want to start with them because they demonstrated the very skills other claim to teach. ...more

This is great and so well timed!

My students are about to start a client brief ...more

Send Your Child Safely to College

Fall is gradually getting closer and before you know it, your daughter or son will be headed back to college or going for the first time. ...more

Arizona State and others sued by National Federation of the Blind over Kindle DX use

A couple of months ago, I reported in Author Rights vs. Disability Rights about a lawsuit brought by the Authors Guild to prevent Amazon from allowing the Kindle 2's text to speech function unless compensation was given to the book's authors. ...more

4 Kiddo Homeschool

Hi Everyone! These projects can be seen at my homeschool blog:, but I thought I would post it here too, for your enjoyment!  :) This is a project I decided to conduct: ...more

How to Help Save Ohio Libraries

If any of you are book lovers or authors, this news of library funding cuts will break your heart, just as it did mine, but we can all do our part to save Ohio libraries! ...more

Navigating new jobs and new personalities

Starting a new job is often a thrilling and nerve racking experience. You are excited for your new adventure but nervous about learning the ropes. Each business and office environment is different. They all come with their own set of quirks and personalities. ...more