6 Benefits of Working From Home

When we talk about working from home, there are two beliefs which are usually related to it. Some people believe that when you work from home, you will not be able to finish up your work on time due to the destruction which may be at home. The other group believes that working from is the best decision so as to get work done since there is no one bossing you around and you work at your pace....more

4 Tips for Working Successfully From Home

Starting a Blog: Top Tips for Women

There come many positives when starting a blog, it’s also a growing trend among women. With that said, it might seem like a daunting task for those who do not understand the ins and outs. Therefore, this guide is designed to point you in the direction. Let’s begin.Think about a topic...more

Defining the Free in Freelancer

For most of us, the daily grind begins with an already-lost battle with our smug alarm clock, a grateful inhaling of strong caffeine, and a five-day per week commute to our place of work. For those of you in management consulting, the grind is even more extreme, with 5:00 am Monday morning trips to the airport to fly to a remote client site, and returning home only on Thursday night, after living in a hotel room for four days. ...more

Working from home

Working from home can be really challenging and scary. With this website given to me by a friend, it took me several weeks to consider it . After doing research and looking into reviews, I was convinced that i had nothing to lose . No money needed only time and patience. If your interested jus click the link below http://Dollarnize.com/?share=467283...more

5 Ways To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

Hello!  I did a guest post over at Seriousreading.com on how to make money while writing.  All of these are legitimate opportunities that aren't scams.  Heck I've done most of these myself!So if you're a starving author waiting for your big break, or waiting for sales to pick up, look no further than this list!...more

4 Ways To Earn Extra Income From The Comfort of Your Couch

One steady full-time job might not allow you to have the lifestyle that you want or need. This job might keep you living paycheck to paycheck without financial freedom in sight. There are plenty of options to make money without having to leave your home though. While not all of these can replace a full-time job they can definitely help out a family with supplemental income....more

4 Reasons to Say ‘Goodbye’ to the 9-5

Are you considering working from home, but aren’t sure if you would be able to remain productive?Many people incorrectly assume working from home means lounging around in pajamas, watching Netflix, and munching on pizza all day. Freelancers often receive comments like, “Oh, you’re so lucky you get to sit at home all day!” and “I wish I could just sit in bed all day, too!”...more

How to Stay Active When Working From Home

Image Credit: Myra Faye Turner   ...more

Tips to Help You Work From Home

When I was in the 6th grade, my mom pulled my twin brother and I from public school and home schooled us until we graduated high school. I know many of you must think that it was awesome to be in my pajamas and hang out at home all day, but my mother was a tough teacher and had us on a strict schedule. We got up at 7:30 a.m. every morning, got dressed (no PJ's), had breakfast and school started promptly at 8 a.m. It sucked at the time, especially since some of my other home schooled friends got to stay in their PJ's and sleep in, but now I'm grateful for it....more