Are Freelancing Websites Worth the Time and Effort?

 Freelancing is a very brave choice for a work at home mom, but also can be a great and rewarding thing as well.  Working on your own terms, being home for your children and having that flexibility is something that we all dream of, right?...more

How to Work From Home Without Becoming a Recluse

One of the BIGGEST challenges I face when working from home is staying social. It is so easy to just get lost in your work - before you know it your weekend is gone and you haven’t seen anyone outside of your immediate family for three days. And I know for a fact that this is an issue that a lot of businesswomen deal with. The National Women’s Business Council found that 88.3% of women-owned businesses were non-employer, so the owner is the only employee. And there’s nothing wrong with that!...more

I should have been a Millennial

Inspired by NaBloPoMo writing prompt for Thursday, July 10, 2014: Do you think you were born in the "right" decade, or do you feel like you belong to a different time period? ...more

How to Keep from Getting Distracted When You’re a Work at Home Mom

Being able to work from your domicile is such a blessing when you’re a mama. You can still get that paycheck you’re accustomed to and you get to spend a good part of the day, if not all day, with the kids too. Quality time aside though, it's still easy to get, and stay, distracted from the work you need to be doing. The next time you feel like your focus is pulling away from the job at hand, keep these tips in mind to stay on task when working from home.Get dressed for work. ...more

working from home moms

take advantage of this tricky position you are in...yes tricky because the laundry is calling you when you're trying to work and work is calling you when you're folding laundry. its a disciplined practice.but i say take advantage!design your own schedule!yes! you can design your schedule!...more

How I Balance Working From Home With 3 Kids...

here's a day in the life {working from home}...more
Great post Krystina! I'm working from home as well and have not found that good balance yet. ...more

Quick Cash Idea for Living on the Road

Need to make some quick cash in your travels?...more

7 smart ways to increase productivity

here are easy ways i increase my productivity daily......more
Lady Lazarus Good for you Lady! It is so true. SO hard to get up and exercise and stop working - ...more

How to Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind: A Working Mom's Guide to Snow Days

We've certainly had our share of SNOW DAYS this year, and while the boys are peeking behind the curtains to make sure they haven't actually found themselves transplanted straight into heaven, I wait with held breath for the Noa-tears that came at our last bunker-down. So far she finds herself content. ...more
I have an awesome high schooler that babysits, so I just have her come over and play.more