Bloggers do it in front of a computer at 2:30am - or between loads of laundry.

Taken from my December 21st post on A Fork in the Socket. ...more

Working Mom No More?

For 9 of my eldest son’s 12 years I was a single mom. I always worked full time, often working two jobs at once, and never dreamt I would one day be able to collect a check just sitting at my home computer all day in my pajamas. But, thanks to my own hard work, willingness to drop my secure day job in order to chase a dream, and the faithful support of my then boyfriend (now husband), it actually happened. It started small and grew into a thriving web design business where I could make my own hours and enjoy time with my family: my version of heaven....more


  I always have a hard time with this description and am not crazy about blatant self promotion.I am a painter and have been one all my life which is to say from the positive point of view that I never had to run around looking for what it all means...on the other hand being completely creative has enormous drawbacks.  I am very content to paint.  Not a social person at all. The job market is such that basic  business knowledge is essencial and some of life's basics are missing from my profile....more

Best of Moomette’s Magnificents Blog Posts 2009

Now that we’ve passed the Winter Solstice and are wrapping up 2009, I’ve tried to put together a collection of my favorite“Best of 2009” series of Moomette’s Magnificents posts. While I’m a mom, I’m also a grandmom, wife, sister, and friend.  I try to identify myself as a multi-generational blogger, and my blogging friends and readers are many. (Read More) Cindi...more

New year’s evolution

We resolve to be different. Fitter. Pay off debt. Volunteer. Clean out that god-forsaken garage. Stepping into a fresh calendar year seems like a chance to try on a colorful persona, yet new year’s resolutions are so often based on territory (and self-images) we already know....more

Top Five Things to Do for Your Career or Business During the Holidays

Whatever holiday you celebrate and however you enjoy it, inevitably the rhythm of business changes during the last few weeks of the year. You can use this time to your advantage to bring a strong close to 2009 and an even more powerful start to 2010 whether you are a business owner or employee. You don't even have to work hard to make it happen. The secret is to gear your activities to answer one of two questions: 1) What do I need to do to bring the current year to powerful completion? 2) What can I do to set myself up for success in the year ahead? ...more


You got some great advice in this blog post.  I especially like the idea ...more

All the lonely people

For the last week, I've been working on a big, long, ugly project, from home.Well, when I say "working"...I've procrastinated and complicated the project, because I'm afraid of letting it go. I don't want to go back to the office; I don't want to join the family for the holiday nonsense. So long as the project is unfinished, nobody can come close to me. I mean it. I throw fits if they do....more

CPSIA Update - A Possible Glimmer of Hope for Small Businesses and Crafters Right Before Christmas?

Banning children's books from libraries, trombones from grade school bands, hand-whittled natural wooden trains, and hand-sewn quilts from little old ladies at church fairs: If that all sounds like some sort of Orwellian plot twist, no such luck. These are actual headlines that have appeared in 2009, in response to the CPSIA....more

This crazy law has made 2009 a devastating year for so many. Thank you for bringing it to ...more

Real men wear pee

At the risk of sounding like an obnoxious Gen-Xer, people over 50 seem sort of astounded with my husband's level of parental involvement. Sometimes I'm not sure it's even a compliment, as if somehow Brian's willingness to take a five-minute break from work to hang out in a couch fort or even join us for lunch makes him somehow soft....more

So Much Content

I'm wrapping gifts.I made an ass out of myself last night, which only Danny witnessed. I find it both hilarious yet embarrassing, so if you ask politely I will share the story. I made my first official sale!I got a $20 tip which I used to buy Danny and myself dinner @ Denny's. I think I'm pretty much done all my Christmas shopping. I got another beading order. ...more