Busy Body Booster Butthead

It's a wonder my doctor thinks I may have a slight case of agoraphobia
"Baby steps." she tells me.  "You need to try and get out more before
this thing really grabs hold of you." she encourages me.

It doesn't help I hate people.  Not all people.  Just a lot of
people.  Like rude people...busy bodies...gossipers...child
beaters...animal abusers....but mostly rude people.  Alright alright,
hate is such a strong word.  I don't actually hate anyone.  Believe me
I've tried but it's just not in me to do.  Well except the child
beaters and animal abusers.  Those people I would like to run over with
a really big truck.

As I've stated on
here many times, I'm a creature of habit.  Which means monday was
grocery shopping day for me.  Always groceries on monday.  Oh and
laundry....but let's leave that bit of excitement for another day.

I do every week when I'm unloading the grocery cart into my vehicle, I
put the bags with the eggs and loaves of fresh soft bread and anything
else that's breakable in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. 
Because as I've learned in the past, the minute I strategically place
those eggs and fresh soft bread and anything else breakable on top of
the other groceries in the back with the rest of the groceries, some
moron will cut me off in traffic and I'll have to slam on my brakes. 
Then I'll get home and go to unload the groceries only to see the
strategically placed eggs and fresh soft bread and anything else that's
breakable have some how strategically ended up under the canned goods
and milk and vegetables and been smushed to smithereens.

I was walking to the side passenger door and opening the door, a lady
was standing in the place where you take your grocery carts back and
trying to get her quarter back from her cart.  She heard me and looked

Because I'm a creature of habit I always try and park beside
where you put the carts back.  Don't ask me why.  It's a sickness.  And
don't ask me what I do if there are no spots beside the cart thing. 
You don't want to know.

Now because I'm a mostly friendly person
and I believe in the kindness of others, I smiled and said "Good
morning" to the woman who was in the cart parker putter backer thingy
and trying to get her quarter back.  She replied with a hearty "Good
morning!" right back.  Sweet.  Then we both made a comment about how
hard it is to sometimes get those quarters out.  Then it all went down
hill from there.

See because I opened the passenger side
door while we exchanged pleasantries and she obviously peeked inside my vehicle.  And this is how it went from
Nosy Lady no longer smiling:  Excuse me, but I couldn't help noticing that
the booster seat you have in your vehicle isn't a regulation child booster
Me:  Excuse me?
Nosy Lady:  I know you could tell me to mind my
own business but I feel I have to say something.  It infuriates me to
see such a thing.  I just think it's horrible that you would have a
child booster seat in your vehicle that isn't...up to code."
Me:  Huh?  Wha??
Nosy Lady:  Don't be that way with me.  It just figures someone who is driving around
in a fancy vehicle wouldn't take the time to bother to get a proper booster seat
for their child.  That's what this world is coming too you know.  People are all about
themselves and not about the children any more."
Me:  *blink* *blink*
Nosy Lady:  I have a good mind to take down your license
plate and report you.
Me...finally realizing what she was talking about...and getting
  I have a piece of paper if you want.  And a pen.  Can I get
them for you?
Nosy Lady...finally getting her quarter and walking away while
  Don't think I won't report you.  You should be ashamed of
Me....smiling:  K you have a good day now.  Try and cheer
up though.  I'll await the arrival of those police at my door.

And this is the seat the lady was all in a huff about......


My non-regulation child booster seat......

which is oh so regulation puppy

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