Busy Busy Busy

A year ago I was busy and during that busy time, I ate lots and exercised not at all.  This year I am busy and during this busy time, I am eating more cookies than will allow me to lose weight and exercising some.  It's not the best, but its certainly not the worst.  Through it, I need to somehow not forget that the deadlines and stressers and need to do Christmas cheer activities with the kids and in the community are not my only priorities.  I need to remember that I care about my health and my body and that if I take care of my health and my body, I will feel better about myself and thus be better able to do everything else.


A friend told me she ate an entire batch of Russian Teacakes the other day.  I nodded.  I can relate.  She then told me that an entire batch is two sticks of butter.  Yeah, yeah.  

But then my brain started really processing that.  One stick of butter is 8 tablespoons.  Isn't eight tablespoons 800 calories?  That makes two sticks of butter 1600 calories which is half way to a pound's worth of calories.  It's also already my daily allowance of calories if I was watching my calories well.  Wowzers.

Those calories add up in such sneaky ways.  It really is hard to realize that the cookie I ate while nobody was watching has calories.  Or that the dough I consumed before cooking had calories.  Kinda seems like the calories should happen after baking.  There are all sorts of illogical thoughts going on in my head allowing me to deny that this world of foods containing crazy tiny abstract things such as calories exists.  

On a good note, I went running yesterday with another person.  She's a person who likes running with others.  I don't.  It stresses me out.  A long time ago I read a post from a woman who says it's good to run with others and I commented that I'd try it.  Some things take me a while, but I tried it and it was okay.

I certainly would not have run the three plus miles outside in 0 degrees on my own.  Nor would I have gone to the gym yesterday.  And if I had gone outside, I certainly would have stopped the very slow jog and walked.  So it was good and it was good to visit with a friend and it was good to be outside and it makes it okay for me to not exercise today and to instead enjoy my sore butt and hamstrings from yesterday.

I'm not doing my best eating wise, but I'm not doing my worst.  I'm not doing my best exercise wise, but I'm not doing my worst.  All in all, I'm still moving forward, just a bit slowly.


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