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the past few weeks have been extremely stressful for myself, I am back in college at almost a full time pace, taking 5 credit class and busting my butt to get my business degree and finish up that so that I can transfer in the coming months to a 4 year college , even though I have been in college since the fall of 2007, and on top of all this I am trying to start a small business but I honestly don't know if it’s going to happen anytime soon, I would love to have a small online business but just trying to get it up and started along with products, I just don't know if it’s every going to happen, Anyway in the past few months I have been try to get a good stash of coupons going so that I can help my family save money on expense and just of everyday items that we need for the house, I keep attempting to get organized but it never happens or my pile of coupons mysteriously disappears from the coffee table by a certain family member who doesn’t like seeing them all over the place, I just need to face the facts that I am extremely disorganized and I can lose my mind at times, like this morning , grabbed a venti chai latte before going to my morning business class then carefully put it in the back of my scooter as I ride one around my home area and back and forth to get to the college on a good day, and then took off for class little did I know what happened, pulled in to parking space, when to get it out of the trunk and then I realized the smell of chai all over my trunk of the scooter and its dripping on to my scooter , needless to say I was a mess ! I am a Starbucks Addict , and I can’t live without my morning coffee and I need at least one trip a week to the place I love, or more depending on how bad the day has been, or how badly I need it , most of the time , it’s the second one J , I am really trying to get a handle on things and I am hoping that in future posts I can post what deals I have been able to get for as little money as I can spend on a grocery trip and how much I have saved my family as it’s not easy having a younger brother in college out of state and me transferring in the coming months and years depending on if I ever get out of the local community college

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