The Busy Mom's Guide to Gift Giving

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Due to changes in my employment and general malaise due to life's uncertainties, i have been in no mood to deal with holiday gift giving. Are you feeling that same lack of holiday spirit?! Are you also too busy to allow the extra time needed for actual shopping?

I'd like to liberate you from the resulting guilt that comes with feeling like the Grinch; you are not the only one who dislikes the gift giving season.
It is normal. It is honest. And it is ok.

Despite the high level of agitation and irritation and frustration associated with having to be creative, thoughtful, and generous – we have to do it. We can't disappoint the UPS man, the dog groomer, the pediatrician, the employees, the kids' teachers and of course...the kids.

So here's what I suggest:
For the UPS man and the dog groomer: cash, check to cash or American Express gift card.
For teachers:  an American Express or gift card, which you can email last minute. I've yet to hear from a teacher who said he/she absolutely loved the hand crocheted toilet tissue cover they received as a holiday gift.
For employees: See UPS man's or teacher's gift.
For the kids: A pad of cash! I'd even like one!

Obviously if you can get it together and buy the people on your list little things you KNOW
they will like then by all means do that. And have it wrapped by the store-saves time and looks good. But I've never met someone who didn't smile after receiving some sort of money type gift, no matter how big or small.


Jenny Hutt is a media personality, host of "Just Jenny" on SiriusXM Stars and author of WHATEVERLAND: Learning to Live Here. For more information on Jenny Hutt please visit and follow her on twitter at @jenniferhutt

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