Butter Problems

I had noticed that I left out a key part of making your own butter. If you missed the post you can find it here, Make your own butter.  One of the main problems that people find when making their own butter is it is a little too hard after they put it in the fridge. To counter act this you can do two things. Either leave your butter out, this shortens the shelf life of the butter. You can leave your butter out for two to three days before it goes bad.
The second option is that you add a little bit of oil to your butter. Mix a little bit in at a time. If you add a few table spoons at a time you should be just fine. For me, I only need about two tablespoons of oil for every 16 oz of butter. But this is also to my liking. Play around with it a little bit

If you have had these problems, I hope this helps.  Thank you for reading,


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