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[Editor's Note: I don't think I had ever made the comparison of our children growing up and changing to that complete metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. But it's true: When our children grow out of one phase, they will never be there again. This bit-of-a-tear-jerker post from Jenna at Cranberry Corner is a tribute to that permanent change. -Jenna]

Butterfly Mother:

Painted LadyEveryone knows that the reward of the caterpillar is in the butterfly. Everyone knows that when you get a caterpillar, it's the butterfly you really want. It's the butterfly that takes your breath away and makes you marvel.

So, it will shed a little light on my state of mind to know that the day that Conor's now fattened, plumped-up caterpillar crawled to the top of the cup and attached itself to the lid, hanging upside down within, I cried. I knew what was coming. By morning, he would be a chrysalis. I looked at him real good, turning the cup around in my hand to see each angle of his furry body that would never again be. He was about to go through that magical metamorphosis, and never again would he be a caterpillar. I went to my room that night, thinking of him, and cried into my pillow. (I'm teary eyed even writing this, reliving those feelings. I think I may be going crazy. I'm crying over a caterpillar.)

Read on for a beautiful post about motherhood and butterflies.

Photo Credit: garryknight.

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