Buttery Banana Bread Recipe - Adapted from Vintage Cookbooks with great retro photos!

Buttery Banana Bread recipe adapted from vintage cookbooks - perfect for rainy day baking, beyond perfect served with a side of bacon or coffee. Buttery Banana Bread The start of "summer" here in south Florida means a lot of things but mostly it means rain. Rainy season here is from the end of May to beginning of November which brings daily afternoon showers in between the gorgeous, sunny beach mornings and beautiful but humid, sangria-required nights. Maybe shower isn't the word - sometimes they are torrential downpours. Monsoons, basically. Sometimes they are actually hurricanes or remnants of tropical storms. Mostly they are just cozy reasons to take an afternoon siesta, wear cute rainboots, and not do your hair. And of course the beautiful tropical plants love it. flowers in the rain droplets If you have no reason to leave the house, these summer days can be wonderful and relaxing - but if you actually have to drive in the flooding or otherwise function, it can be a drag. Summer here feels to me a lot like winter in the rest of the country, where you just want to hibernate except there's AC and no ice to scrape off your windshields. But there's something about baking on a grey, cloudy day that is wonderful. No blistering temps for the oven to overwhelm the AC, and maybe it's me but I feel like the heavy, humid air just carries a sweet, buttery scent smell that much better throughout the house. buttery banana bread bacon So even though my son is still in school a few more days, which means a high chance of having to drive at 2pm in the midst of a downpour, this week has definitely seen a lot more pajamas and movie days around our house. I also unsuccessfully tried to quit coffee (haha, I know) to help with pregnancy-induced acid reflux, which added to the sleepy vibe. For the record, for those of you following me on Facebook in the thread of dozens encouraging me to "keep it up" and "hang in there" - I'm thoroughly enjoying an iced coffee at the moment. And you know, feeling like a functioning human being. Let's have the caffeine debate another time, shall we? vintage recipes bicentennial recipe book 1976 Last week on a particularly wet and gloomy day (does anyone else hear Pooh Bear's voice and the word "blustery" when they read this?), I had a craving for banana bread (and also really wanted to use my vanilla extract I brought back from our cruise to Mexico). Google tried to convince me which was the best recipe, and I almost went with a version from another trusted food blog - but I had the day to play in the kitchen so I decided to dig around in my keepsake boxes for my Gramma's vintage recipes and cookbooks (from the 70's and 80's mainly, one particularly from 1976 featuring recipes at least 50 years old at the time, some up to 200 years old. Along with these two time-tested banana bread recipes that I based mine on, I also found a few vintage gems like old ads and some retro appliance registration cards and owner's manuals. Mostly I just found my grandmother's impossibly perfect cursive handwriting on dozens of index cards and scribbled on magazine tear-outs. banana bread recipe vintage banana bread recipe Banana Bread Recipe 055 Banana Bread Recipe 054 Banana Bread Recipe 053 Banana Bread Recipe 052Banana Bread Recipe 049 Banana Bread Recipe 051 Banana Bread Recipe 050 Banana Bread Recipe 048 Banana Bread Recipe 047 old recipe cookbook advice Banana Bread Recipe 046 In case you may not be aware of my vintage Pinterest board addictions, I definitely have a fascination with this stuff. It was fun to find some in my own garage, and with a personal connection. So after an hour or so of digging through the box, I put the kids down for a nap and gathered the ingredients for my experimental new banana bread recipe. I love the classic versions with walnuts and cakey, light banana flavor but I wanted something richer, buttery-er. (Not a word? It is now.) This is definitely my go-to banana bread recipe from now on - the texture was perfect with soft, buttery crumbles and delicious almost pudding-like bites, and the flavor was exactly what I was craving. Deep, dark caramelized butter and banana taste with just enough melt-in-your-mouth airiness to balance it out. We may or may not have eaten this with some crisp bacon and waffle fries for lunch...and dinner. Nutritional Mother of the year award goes to.....*drumroll* But it was oh so good. Enjoy! banana bread collage recipe steps RECIPE HERE   banana bread closeup


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